OK! Magazine USA – August 05, 2019

(Joyce) #1
As she’s gotten older, Jenna
Dewan and ex Channing Tatum’s
daughter has developed a
passion for fashion. Everly, 6, is
“very into her own style. She calls
it ‘Evie’s style’ and it’s nothing
but purple — purple pants, purple
shirts, purple dresses,” shared
Jenna, who’s constantly in awe of
her little girl. “She’s strong and
she’s independent, she knows
what she wants. She’s awesome!”

Flynn, 8, was just a toddler when his parents,
Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom, divorced
in 2013. But thankfully, the pair — and
their new significant others — are on good
terms. “We all have Flynn’s best interests at
heart,” explained Miranda, who went on to
wed Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel, while
Orlando recently proposed to Katy Perry
(pictured). “I feel very blessed that it worked
out this way,” the former model added. “We
actually all enjoy each other’s company.”
Sounds like one big happy family!

Her parents
are huge stars,
but Courteney
Cox and David
daughter is just
your typical
teenager. “I
want her to tell
me everything,
and she doesn’t
want to tell
me anything!”
Courteney joked,
adding that even
though she and
Coco sometimes
bicker, they “love
each other” and
“laugh a lot, for

It seems like just
yesterday Harlow
was being
carried around
on her dad
Joel Madden’s
hip. But the
11-year-old has
blossomed into a
full-blown tween!
“She loves
[makeup],” said
Nicole Richie,
who’s also mom
to son Sparrow,
9, adding that
Harlow’s beauty
routine is far
more involved
than her own.
“She’s, like, a
glitter, a liner,
a liquid liner, a
blush, a lipstick.
She’s a different
beast than me!”

“The boys are bigger than me now!”
Britney Spears recently said of sons
Sean, 13, and Jayden, 12, with ex
Kevin Federline. While most parents
are sad to watch their babies get
older, Brit — who will send Sean off to
high school in the next few weeks —
loves it. “Nothing makes me happier
as a mom than watching these boys
grow and smile and laugh,” she
gushed. “They’re my world.”
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