OK! Magazine USA – August 05, 2019

(Joyce) #1

By Marissa Rubin and Caitlin Kiernan

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About It!

Rocking fearless florals and
structured silhouettes, actress and
conservationist Nikki Reed was the
darling of this season’s Paris Haute
Couture Fashion Week. We caught up
with her stylist, Lindsey Dupuis Bledsoe
(inset), to get the lowdown on her head-
turning looks — all of which were paired with pieces from
the star’s sustainable fine jewelry line, Bayou With Love.

“This Armani look is
the epitome of Nikki’s
personal style. She wears
a beret in everyday life, so
it was fun to elaborate on
something that felt
personal to her.”

“Giambattista Valli
knows how to capture
feminine energy like no
other. This elegant gown
was the only way to kick
off Nikki’s Parisian

“We loved the feminine
floral and bold stripes of
this Elie Saab dress — it felt
quintessentially French.
And the striped headband
was the right accent for a
midday show!”

“Our nod to ’80s power
dressing. Her fierce
boss-lady vibe and sleek
Louboutin pumps were
the perfect punctuation
points to this Jean Paul
Gaultier look.”
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