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good news and bad news: ‘Thegear ratios are the same. They have

to be. Emissions,homologation,all thatstuff. But the 4-litre motor

mitigates this withmore mid-range torque.’ We’ll have to wait and

see on thatone,for althoughthe bigger motor shouldpull those

intermediate gears withmore conviction,it was always theirreach

thatbugged us because you’d be well into licence-losingterritory

before you got out of third gear.

The onlyotherboneof contentionwiththe originalGT4 was

availability. Or ratherthe lackof. Preuninger has already gone on

record as saying he and Porsche were caughtout by the number

of GT3 and 918 customers whoboughtthe ‘baby’ Motorsport

departmentcar, and thatthe situationwas regrettable. So will it be

different this time?

‘We don’twant to make these cars unobtainableor inaccessible

for everybody. I thinkone thingwe learned from the last one is a lot

of peoplecouldn’tget one,especiallythe enthusiasts, whowanted

to buy the cars and use them.We want these enthusiasts to buy

the car, not write letters! Thisis very important, as is stickingin a

certain price range, because the value package shouldnot be totally

different thanit was before.’

Pricingremainsin the same ballpark, but it is different, startingat

£75,348 for the GT4 and £73,405for the Spyder. Consideringwhat

you’re getting, thatseemslike good value.

There’s no question the new GT4 promises to hit the bullseye

so far as cars this magazinelikes to get excited about, but withits

newfoundedge – perhaps somethingthe omissionof the ‘Boxster’

namethis timearoundis meant to emphasise – the open-cockpit

Spyder mightjust be the truespecial-occasioncar of the pair; a 911

Speedster-like machinefor a third of the price.

We’ll fi nd out how bothcars drive soon enough,but for now

let’s just enjoy the fact that, despite the growing march of

technology and the increasingenvironmental pressures placed on

car manufacturers, the new GT4 and Spyder continueto place the

things thatmatter at the heart of the drivingexperience.

Porsche718 Spyder

EngineFlat-six, 3995ccPower414bhp @ 7600rpm

Torque310lb ft @ 5000-6800rpmWeight1420kg (296bhp/ton)

0-62mph4.4secTopspeed187mphBasic price£73,

Porsche718 CaymanGT

EngineFlat-six, 3995ccPower414bhp @ 7600rpm

Torque310lb ft @ 5000-6800rpmWeight1420kg (296bhp/ton)

0-62mph4.4secTopspeed188mphBasic price£75,








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