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ofthe car, with custom-made,fully adjustable

coilover springs and dampers.The overall geometry

has been recalibrated to suit the larger, 19-inch

wheels,and is adjustable for bump, reboundand

ride height.Those new forged wheels coverAP

Racing brakes that are availablein two flavours: the

standard set offour-piston calipers gripping322mm

discs front and rear, oran upgraded six-piston

arrangementwith larger 362mm discs.

The stark interioris as you would expect from

this type oftrack-focused machine,with little in the

way ofcreature comforts save for the ventilation

system and a rudimentary sound system.Instead,

the snug cabin is focused around excellent visibility,


British firm’s road and track range-topper joins charge of the light brigade






with a low scuttle and deep windows.

Like the UltimaEvo that this modelessentially

replaces at the top ofthe company’s range,the RS

is availableexclusivelywith General Motors-sourced

crate engines.The car has been designed to accept

both Chevrolet’s more traditionalsmall-block

pushrod LS engines,such as the LS3 and LSA,as

well as GM’s latest-generation direct-injection

LT motors.Aside from theirimprovements in

power and efficiency, these latest LT units are also


The entry-level 6-litre LS3 produces 430bhp

at 5900rpm,with a peak of425lbft oftorque at

4600rpm.Ultimaquotes an acceleration time for

this‘basic’modelof3.3sec to 60mph(note,not

62mph),with a top speed approaching 180mph.

From here,the engines rapidly grow in outright

power outputs,with the LSA (as seen in the

VauxhallVXR8 GTS) producing556bhpwith help

from a 1.9-litre Eaton supercharger.

The more serious LT motors peak in LT5 form

(GM’s most powerful crate motorever) with

755bhp at 6400rpmand 715lb ft oftorque at

5000rpm.And ifa power-to-weight figure of

over 800bhpperton is still not enough,Ultima

says the LT5 engineis easily tuneable to more

than 1200bhp...

Zero to 60mphfor the 755bhp modelis

estimated at just 2.3sec, althoughyou’ll need to


manufacturerUltimahas revealed its

next-generation road-going supercar.

Called the RS, according to its makerit represents

the singlebiggest step change in the company’s

road car history. However, it still follows the firm’s

familiarcross-colonial recipe oflightweight, track-

honed Britishengineering combined with hearty

American engines.

The RS’s underlyingchassis is not dissimilarto

those seen on previous Ultimas,being constructed

oftubularsteel with an inbuiltwelded roll-cage and

rearchassis braces.The Group C-inspired bodywork

is ofglassfibre and the car’s total weight comes in

at around 930kg,dependingon specification.

Ifthe lack ofstructural carbonfibre is

conspicuous,the RS’s exteriordetailing and

aerodynamicdevices make up for it.The aero has

been completely redesigned compared to what

can be found on its predecessors, starting with

a 1780mm-wide carbonfibre rearwing that is

adjustable between -2 and +14 degrees.

Balancingout that wing is an aggressive front

splitter, optionallyavailablewith inbuiltvortex

generators and bodywork-mounted canards.

The front wheelarches are now vented to reduce

pressure withinat high speeds,while a flat floorand

reardiffusercomplete the aero package.

Suspensionis by doublewishbones at both ends

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