Mopar Muscle – October 2019

(Barré) #1


on the restoration. This will be the first body-over-frame vehicle
that I’ve restored. Well, at least in the past decade. It’s going to

be a lot of fun, to say the least. I will leave the frame, brakes,
suspension, and so on completely OEM stock. Yes, I know, it’s

crazy, but you know how I roll when it comes to originality.
The Hellephant will be backed up with a Silver Sport six-speed

automatic transmission. Yes, I said an automatic. In fact, they are
helping me design the shift mechanism to work with the original

pushbutton system! I will restore the 8¾ factory rear axle but add
a Moser third-member with a 3.55:1 Auburn locker. That should

light up the “Wide Whites.” As far as the rest of the car goes,
it will be an exact tribute to the screen-version 1958 Plymouth
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