Saturday Magazine – July 20, 2019

(Jacob Rumans) #1
Words by: Jennifer Rodger



t’s 18 months on from when Faith’s
missing husband returned (and spoiler
alert: He’ll regret that). In series one,
his 10-day disappearance had
revealed that Evan not only had an affair,
but he’d gone on the run after getting
involved with corrupt coppers.
He’s now in prison, and Faith’s still not in a
forgiving mood. ‘A lot happens in series two,’ says
Eve Myles, who plays Faith, while her real-life
husband, Bradley Freegard, plays Evan (‘It’s a huge
hindrance,’ she jokes).
‘After such a crisis, what do you do next? You
do what you have to do – take the kids to school,
get back on track and try not to go mad.
‘Faith is doing her best. She has a business and
three children and a dirty, dark history. So, she’s
trapped. She’s a different person 18 months on.’
When the surprise hit series returns, lawyer Faith
is now running dodgy errands to pay back her

husband’s debts to crime boss Gael
Reardon, and the action flashbacks
to what happened on the night Evan
returned. It then digs deeper into the
reasons for his disappearance.
And Faith’s home life is just as
demanding, especially with teenage daughter Alys
struggling after being abducted by the crooked
police officers in the last series. Faith is also busy at
work, defending a local farmer accused of
murdering her husband in cold blood. Her almost-
romance with friend Steve is on her mind too.
The tone once again shifts between crime noir
and comedy – from Faith as a fun-loving-wine-
swilling busy mum to diving high heels first into the
criminal underworld. ‘There’s humour even in the
saddest moments,’ agrees Eve.
And second spoiler alert: there’s the return of
the yellow mac. ‘Yes, of course – it’s one of the
biggest characters in the show!’

Tue 9pm BBC


Eve Myles returns as Faith, the solicitor caught between greedy

crooks, a wayward husband and getting her kids to school...

The series is broadcast in
Welsh as Un Bore
Mercher, and the
bilingual cast shot it in
both Welsh and English.
Eve Myles learned Welsh
to play Faith.

‘I’m very proud. It
took four months
of intensive work.
It has been so
rewarding. The
nicest part of it
is when people
come to me and
say something in
Welsh, and I don’t
have to apologise.
I can now say,
“Bear with me, I’m


aga inst

t he wall

Evan (Bradley
confronts Faith
(Eve Myles)

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