Saturday Magazine – July 20, 2019

(Jacob Rumans) #1

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■ Matty is still angry that Victoria had not
told him about her plans to leave for
Cornwall. She begs him to forgive her, but
Matty blanks her to spend more time with his
new friends, Jono and Ste. He’s determined
to win their approval, even though Billy and
Ellis explain what Jono and Ste have been
saying about Matty behind his back.

■ During a cubs football match, Matty is
barged over by Jono, who is the opposing
team’s defender. An over-protective Pete
confronts Jono about the foul, but risks
outing Matty as transgender. Later, at the
pub, Matty is pleased when Jono invites him
to his table for a drink – but is Matty trying
too hard to impress him?

■ Rishi assures Jai and Priya that the business
is safe, but glosses over the fact that he has
begged Kim for financial help. Rishi tells
Manpreet he could negotiate much better rates.
■ Moira vows to take action after her
passionate encounter with Nate in the barn.
■ Jai unexpectedly finds himself being grilled
by a surprising person.

■ Stacey panics when she wakes up at Max’s,
and makes new dinner plans with Martin. He’s
angry when Stacey later cooks a meal with
extra for Max, but when she takes the food
over, Stacey’s stunned to find him with Ruby.
■ Sonia wants to give Tiffany a nice send-off,
but Keegan won’t tell her how he feels.

■ Mitch is angry when Keegan announces
that he is leaving school having been inspired
by Gray. His dad marches over to have it out
with his son-in-law – and fists are soon flying.
■ Ruby is confused by Stacey’s reaction, but
when Max explains his history with Stacey,
Ruby feels uncomfortable and leaves.

■ Naughty Robert is caught in the act when
Steve and Tim spy him in the pub garden with
his mistress, Vicky. Can he cover his tracks?
■ Chesney and Gemma get a money windfall,
but her mum, Bernie, needs a hand-out.
■ Tracy is furious to learn that Steve got his
licence back ages ago and she could have
stopped covering his shifts on Street Cars.

■ Bernie turns out
to be a wrong ’un
and attempts to steal
Chesney from her
daughter, Gemma.
■ The mystery
intruder next targets
No.13 and the culprit
is caught. It is
revealed that it’s a
criminal who was
taking revenge
against lawyer Paula.
■ Seb is mystified to
learn that Alina is still
working at the nail
salon and she lied to
avoid him.

Words by: Jennifer Rodger, Neil Batey & Tricia Martin


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