Saturday Magazine – July 20, 2019

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The Mask

The Boy in the
Striped Pyjamas (Fri)


The Mask

9pm Comedy Central

‘Ssssmokin!’ Jim Carrey’s rubber-
faced schtick was a perfect fit for
this manic family fantasy, about a
bank clerk who transforms into a
charismatic superhero thanks to a
magical artefact. Also boasts
Cameron Diaz’s eye-popping movie
debut. (1994/PG) ★★★★★


The Scorpion King

9pm ITV

Action-packed spin-off from The
Mummy franchise, which provided
former WWE grappler Dwayne
Johnson with his first major lead role.
In ancient Egypt, sword-wielding
warrior Mathayus battles evil king
Memnon with the help of a
beautiful sorceress. (2002/PG) ★★★

The Proposal

9pm Comedy Central

Superior rom-com fun, with Sandra
Bullock as a bossy executive who
forces her long-suffering PA (Ryan
Reynolds) to pose as her fiancé, in
order to avoid being deported back

to Canada. Former Golden Girls star
Betty White steals the show as his
grandma. (2009/12) ★★★★


The Martian
9pm Film
Ridley Scott’s best space epic since
1979’s Alien sees Matt Damon play an
astronaut left stranded on Mars after
a disastrous mission. Using science
and sheer determination, he must
survive the red planet’s hostile
environment until NASA can rescue
him. (2015/12) ★★★★★

Lethal Weapon 2
10.45pm ITV
Mismatched detectives Murtaugh
(Danny Glover) and Riggs (Mel
Gibson) return for more epic bantz.
This time they protect an irritating
Federal witness (Joe Pesci) while
taking on a gang of murderous South
African drug dealers. (1989/18)

The Boy in the Striped
11.05pm BBC
Profoundly moving holocaust drama
about a German boy (Asa
Butterfield) who befriends a young
Jewish lad held captive in his father’s
Nazi concentration camp during
World War II. David Thewlis and
Rupert Friend round out a great
British cast. (2008/12) ★★★★★

Dracula Untold
12.05am C
An intriguing new spin on an over-
familiar theme, this has Luke Evans as
Vlad the Impaler. Initially, the prince
of Transylvania is a peaceful family
man who reluctantly embraces his
vampiric powers in order to protect
the kingdom from a Turkish warlord.
(2014/15) ★★★

Sky Cinema Premiere

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First Man
(From Saturday)
A look at the life of astronaut Neil
Armstrong, from his early days in 1961
as a NASA test pilot. By the late
1960s, as he becomes emotionally
distant from his family, he embarks
on a space mission that leads to him
becoming the first man to walk on
the moon. Oscar-winning drama,
with Ryan Gosling. (2018/12) ★★★★★

The Little Stranger
(From Sunday)
It’s 1948 and Doctor Faraday is called
to the once-glorious Hundreds Hall,
a house he first visited as a boy.
Since then, it’s become home to a
chilling dark secret that haunts the
inhabitants. The ill housemaid he’s
called to help is not the only person
hiding a secret. Horror, starring
Domhnall Gleeson. (2018/12) ★★★★
(From Monday)
During the late 19th century, well-off
pioneer Samuel Alabaster embarks on
a venture through the Wild West,
intent on marrying the love of his life.
However, before long his journey
with a drunkard takes a turn for the
treacherous. Comedy, starring
Robert Pattinson. (2018/15) ★★★

Eternal Love
(From Tuesday)
A New York twentysomething named
Elliot lives with his best friend Nico.
The duo work at jobs they don’t like
and hit the clubs at night. After
discovering he has cancer, Elliot falls
for Mia, a customer at the sandwich
shop where he works, and their
relationship soon faces the ultimate
test. Comedy drama, starring Jeremy
Allen White. (2018/15) ★★★★
The Last Warrior
(From Wednesday)
In 11th-century Russia, Christianity is
sweeping across Pagan lands. After his
wife and daughter are kidnapped,
Lutobor, a soldier in Central Eurasia,
embarks on a treacherous journey to
save his family as a new era begins.
Action adventure, starring Aleksey
Faddeev. In Russian. (2018/15) ★★★★
(From Thursday)
Ted Swenson, an acclaimed author-
turned-teacher, finds himself
embroiled in a life-altering scandal.
He develops an obsession with
Angela Argo, one of his students
whose own writings spark his
imagination. Drama, starring
Stanley Tucci. (2017/15) ★★★★
Johnny English
Strikes Again
(From Friday)
A sinister cyber attack reveals the
identity of all active undercover
agents in Britain. Hapless secret agent
Johnny English is sent on a mission to
the South of France to protect
Queen and country, and find the
mastermind hacker responsible. Third
movie in the comedy series, starring
Rowan Atkinson. (2018/12) ★★★

Again (Fri)

First Man
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