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I remember sitting in class learning how to create a newspaper. I was intrigued by
all of the moving pieces—literally and figuratively—and how everyone had a role in
putting this paper together. I also remember feeling nervous each time I stepped
inside my home economics class because I never really felt confident in the kitchen.
As fate would have it, I ended up taking a liking to this thing called journalism and
now, you can call me the Queen of Baking as I find pure joy in taking my red velvet
bundt cake out of the oven.
Sometimes you choose your path and at other times, your path chooses you. What
fascinates me about this issue is our Cutting-Edge Careers in Home Improvement
feature. Where do you go if you want to be a home appraiser or if you want to
specialize in masonry? Our helpful article provides key information on everything
from degree and certificate programs to makerspace classes such as 3D Printing and
professional organizations that cater to home improvement industries such as the Greater Atlanta Home Builders
Association, and more.
Since this is The Outdoor Living Issue, you are definitely going to want to read our Take It Outside feature (p. 46).
Top builders and designers transform everything from decks and outdoor kitchens to a pool house and a
private doggie park.
Keep the makeover momentum going indoors when it comes to organizing. Turn to page 26 for nine fresh ways to
store items in your kitchen, bathroom, and garage. I have my eye on the trio of Small Art Display Cabinets
from Lowe’s. Perfect for any room in the home, I’m putting these do-it-yourself wood furnishings on
my must-have list!
Last but certainly not least, check out our newly redesigned website for professionals near you, expert
information, events, contests, and more. As always, feel free to send in your home improvement ideas and
questions. Email me at: I love hearing from you!
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Laura Janelle Downey, Managing Editor

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May/June 2019 My Home Improvement

May/June 2019 My Home Improvement

May/June 2019 My Home Improvement

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