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“Ring looks amazing. One of
my favorite pieces that I bought
from Stauer. Goes with
everything and looks a
lot more expensive.”

  • S. from
    New York, NY

Romance Down to a Science

6 carats of ravishing red elegance for just $

“From a chemical standpoint,
lab-created rubies are no
different from natural ones
and are considered
real rubies.”
— Jewelry Notes
Oct. 2014


uby...deep red...made
for romance...the gem
of kings. But if ruby prices
leave you reeling, we’re here
to offer support. We’re not
talking about financing— if
a stone requires financing
that’s a good sign you
shouldn’t buy it. We’re
talking about offering a
ruby that’s both visually and
chemically magnificent, but
at a price that’s realistic.
Using the latest techniques,
it is now possible to create
lab rubies of exceptional color and clarity, and to offer these
luxurious stones at levelheaded prices. Scienza® (Italian for
“science”) stones are chemically identical to natural gemstones
and, in fact, display a better color and sparkle than most
mined stones.
The difference is the price. Instead of spending up to
$15,000 per carat for “almost perfect” from nature, you get
“better than perfect” for much less!

The Scienza® Ruby Romance Ring features a sumptuous
six carat lab-created ruby prong set in a classic cushion cut
surrounded by the brilliance of lab-created DiamondAura®
stones. The color red has never looked better.
Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Enjoy the
ravishing red beauty for 30 days. If you aren’t perfectly happy,
send it back for a full refund of the item price. We want you
glowing with satisfaction.
Treat her to the perfect rich-red color saturation, purity and
price that a mined ruby simply can’t match. Call today! A deal
this red hot won't last.

14101 Southcross Drive W., Ste 155, Dept. RRC136-01,
Burnsville, Minnesota 55337 http://www.stauer.com



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  • Scienza® lab-created ruby & DiamondAura® • .925 sterling silver setting • Ring: whole sizes 5-

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