The Business Book

(Joyce) #1


The Crystal is one of the world’s most
sustainable buildings. Built in the UK
by Siemens, it symbolizes the spirit of
innovation that has been the hallmark
of the company since the 1880s.

“disruptive innovation” to reflect
the fact that it is not so much
technology itself that is disruptive
as how that technology is applied.
One such product that has
changed the game by adapting
technology for new purposes is
GlowCap. A screw-on top that
can be attached to prescription
medicine containers, GlowCap
contains a glowing LED and audio
alert that signal when medication
should be taken. It also connects
via Wi-Fi to the user’s smartphone,
sending a text message or an email
alert if a dose is missed. Like many
game changers, it utilizes lateral
thinking to present a solution to
an existing problem, effectively
meeting the consumer’s needs.
Disruptive innovation creates the

need for a product, even before
customers realize such a need
exists, and opens up new,
untapped markets with significant
first-mover advantages—not least
of which is brand association

with the new market segment.
The German company Siemens,
for example, built the world’s first
electric elevator in 1880, and in
1881 provided power for the world’s
first electric street lights (in

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Today’s markets are
increasingly global...

They are
for change.

...and increasingly

...they redefine the
markets in which
they operate.

Gradual change
can only bring gradual
to a company.

But successful leaders
embrace radical,
disruptive thinking...
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