New Zealand Listener 03.7.2020

(Barré) #1


a companion. How dare the

faceless bean counters interfere

with this taonga. I hope they

got their comeuppance over

their lack of understanding.

Len Newman


What strikes me about the

RNZ Concert uproar is why it

became an uproar in the first

place (Editorial, February 22).

Many love it, many are indif-

ferent, but some really resent

it. Why is that?

As for me, I’m stuck between

rock and a hard place, loving

as I do the classics and all that

jazz. In my late teens, the Bea-

tles’ Sergeant Pepper album was

the soundtrack of my life, and

I still love it.

My father’s love of the big

bands of his era has been

passed on. As time went by,

Pink Floyd and Dire Straits

worked for me, and still do.

Back in the 1970s, I was

dragged along to see Visconti’s

Death in Venice.

Gustav Mahler’s Symphony

No 5 changed everything.

My Desert Island Discs would

include that and the duet

from Bizet’s The Pearl Fishers.

A Mozart nocturne definitely,

and a bit of Oscar Peterson.

The common man in me

always loved the television

theme from Inspector Morse. To

me, it’s as stirring as anything

by Elgar.

If that makes me a low-brow

pleb to some, so be it. My

point is RNZ Concert is the

only station I know of that

shuns the narrow tyranny of

“demographics” and feeds my


Dean Donoghue

{Papamoa Beach]

Gillian Claridge (Talkback,

February 22) mentioned

the Simón Bolivar youth

orchestra, a film of which

should be required watching

by those paid (I’m sure

handsomely) to make stupid

The recently signed Deed
of Settlement between the
Crown and Moriori puzzles
me. The invasion by Māori of
the Chatham Islands in 1835
is graphically described in RD
Crosby’s seminal history of
the Musket Wars. Over about
three decades, the population
of more than 1600 Moriori
was reduced to 100 by way
of widespread killing and
What puzzles me is why
the Crown was obliged to
pay Moriori recompense
of $18 million as well as
apologising? I would have
thought that if compensation
for the killing of over
a thousand peaceful
people was due, as
well as an apology
tendered, it was owed
by those who did the
killing. Or has history

decisions such as the proposal
for RNZ Concert.
She also mentioned a Yo-Yo
Ma concert in Christchurch
watched by an enthusiastic
cross-generational audience,
proving that serious musicians
are not the elitists they may
once have been thought to be.
As a child, I saw Margot
Fonteyn and Robert Help-
mann when they were
brought to the East End of
London to stimulate interest
in the classics. It was all quite
serious until the pair showed
us how it shouldn’t be done. A
magnificent leap by Fonteyn
ended in a tangle of arms and
legs and left us in fits. Not bad
for a bunch of dead-end kids.
Instead of downgrading
Concert, why not let the old
lady loosen her corsets and
allow the young in?
Carole Hadler

  1. Which of these artists
    released the 1984 hit song All
    Through the Night?
    ❑Gloria Estefan
    ❑Cyndi Laup er
    ❑Pat Benatar

  2. What is the title of Margaret
    Atwood’s Booker Prize-
    winning sequel to her novel
    The Handmaid’s Tale?
    ❑Lost Children Archive
    ❑The Testaments
    ❑Girl, Woman, Other
    ❑An Orchestra of Minorities

  3. Which of these is considered
    an aggressively invasive
    species in the Caribbean and
    Mediterranean seas?
    ❑Moray eel
    ❑Bull shark
    ❑Manta ray
    4. Which Johnny Cash song’s
    lyrics were written by the poet
    and cartoonist Shel Silverstein?
    ❑I Walk the Line
    ❑A Boy Named Sue
    ❑Folsom Prison Blues
    ❑Ring of Fire
    5. Which of these has a similar
    meaning to the word “probity”?
    6. Wiener schnitzel is which
    country’s national dish?
    7. The spice saffron is obtained
    from which flower?
    ❑Fire lily
    8. Which brand’s iconic
    packaging features an image
    of a boy chasing a chicken?
    ❑Cerebos salt
    ❑Chesdale cheese
    9. Which of these TV shows
    was not primarily made using
    marionette puppetry?
    ❑Space: 1999
    ❑Joe 90
    10. In 2016, which of these
    was reportedly banned by the
    North Korean Government?
    ❑Door-to-door sales
    ❑Gilligan’s Island

Answers on
page 60.

The letter of the
week winner will
receive a copy of
Singing the Trail,
the story of New
Zealand through its
maps with accounts
of the explorers
who created them.
Letter of the week
been rewritten?
Russell Garbutt
The national Māori (Tino
Rangatiratanga) flag would be
ideal to represent our country
It is beautifully designed and
the striking red, white and
black image contains a stylish
representation of the koru.
The meaning of the various
elements is totally relevant to
all New Zealanders.
It would get my vote 100%.
Sunny Amey

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