Culture Shock! China - A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette, 2nd Edition

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100 CultureShock! China

take advantage of their time in China to give their children
full exposure to the culture and language. Students enrolled
in Chinese schools typically end up ahead of their peers at
home in Mandarin, science and math.

Caring for Children

One of the joys of having a family in Shanghai is the care
and affection that the Chinese lavish upon children. At local
restaurants, wait staff will whisk your child away to look at
fish or take a few spins around the room to explore. Old
people will sit on a park bench and hold long, delighted
conversations with a toddler.
Blonde haired, blue eyed babies are a special attraction.
Chinese have no qualms about walking up and planting a kiss
on a chubby hand, or even pick up or hold your child. Some
children in their twos and threes begin to feel threatened by
the amount of attention they receive on the street in China.
If you prefer strangers to not touch your child, you will need
to devise a polite way of discouraging it. The Chinese do not
intend any harm with the attention. A natural affinity toward

Most Chinese women have a lot of affection for babies and are able to take
good care of them.
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