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New York Post, Friday, March 13, 2020

Debi Mazar and Justin Viv-
ian Bond will judge a contest in
which fans post pictures of them-
selves holding their poet pal
Laren Stover’s newly rereleased
book, “Bohemian Manifesto.”
And they’ve both written poems
to launch the competition. Ma-
zar’s goes, “Opulently vintage or
brilliantly taboo/I love bohemian
splendor and its decadence, too/
Share your ‘Manifesto’ and re-
member it’s not rude/To glam it
up with jewelry or go elegantly
nude.” Bond’s reads, “Boho
beauty, whimsy wow, send your
entries, send them now/Faerie
folk, in field or pond, or rubber
duckies on the john.”

Rhyme spree

JUDE Law’s latest film has sold
more than a month after it debuted
at Sundance in January. “The
Nest” is the first movie directed by
Sean Durkin since he broke out at
the same festival in 2011 with the
drama “Martha Marcy May Mar-
lene,” starring Elizabeth Olsen as
a member of a cult. “The Nest”
stars Law as a “flashy Cockney on
the make,” according to the Holly-
wood Reporter’s review. When he
moves his family from New York
to England in the ’80s, they end up
“imploding in a gloomy house in
Surrey,” another notice said. IFC
Films bought the movie, due for a
fall release.

Delayed Law

someone with too much time
on their hands has listed the most-
arrested celebrities of all time. At
the top of the famous felons list is,
surprisingly, “Grace and Frankie”
star Martin Sheen, who’s alleg-
edly racked up 66 arrests for po-
litical protesting, according to re-
search by ToppCasinoBonus.
Other celebs who excel at time in
a cell include Suge Knight (15 ar-
rests) and Dennis Rodman (12).
Courtney Love and Lindsay Lo-
han are the leading ladies on the
list, with 10 arrests apiece.

A Sheen record

ANDY Cohen was in stitches
while getting roasted by his fel-
low SiriusXM host — and former
boyfriend — John Hill at
­Feinstein’s/54 Below. During his
cabaret show at the Midtown
venue, which is in the building
that once housed disco mecca Stu-
dio 54, Hill teased Cohen (above)
about his age. “He’s old enough to
have partied at 54, while this is my
first time in the iconic club.” Hill
also mused about why the Bravo
star is still single. “He’s not able to
find someone as good as me,” Hill
said. They dated for three years
when Hill was a Broadway actor
and appeared in “Hairspray.” Co-
hen — who joined Hill onstage for
a little banter at one point during
the show — “loved it,” according
to a spy. “He laughed and had a
great time.”

Hill kills with Andy

Peace out during panic

HAVING recently set up a voodoo fashion show at
New York Fashion Week, p.r. guru Kelly Cutrone is
now stepping up with transcendental meditation to
help manage pandemic anxiety. The maven — who
famously appeared as her ferocious-publicist self on
MTV’s “The Hills” in the 2000s — is currently going
the Zen route by setting up twice-daily meditation
sessions for people around the world. Cutrone, who
is also a practicing witch, told Page Six, “I know for
sure on an occult level that wherever there is fear and
agitation, there is an increase in disease, violence, accidents,
self-harm and impulsive, rash decision-making processes... I am not
saying that this virus is not real or is a joke, what I am saying is that we
are in control of our response to it. We are in control of our entire be-
ing.” The sessions will be held at 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. Eastern Standard
Time. When we asked if the sessions will be online, Cutrone told us,
“No, you just have to close your eyes. The only thing needed for these
meditations is a good heart and the intention to subside the panic and
replace it with a widening calm and robust love of life and compassion
for ourselves and others.” She added, “See you in the ether.”


Listen now!

HOPE Hicks is dating Goldman Sachs man-
aging director and law school professor Jim Do-
novan, who is also a key adviser to President
Donald Trump, Page Six can exclusively reveal.
The former White House communications
director has been spotted on dates with Dono-
van both near her former home in Los Angeles
and in Washington, D.C., after she moved
back. Hicks is preparing to return to the White
House this month as “counselor to the presi-
dent,” reporting to Jared Kushner.
A source told us of Hicks’ romance with Do-
novan, “They have been seeing each other for
a few months. Jim is a very smart guy, and
things have been going well. She really likes

him.” Hicks, 31, has reportedly been single
since splitting from former White House staff
secretary Rob Porter after they both left the
White House in 2018.
Donovan, who is in his early 50s, is responsi-
ble for advising many of the largest corporate
and individual clients of Goldman Sachs, ac-
cording to the investment bank. But he also
has close connections with the administration,
and is reportedly a friend of Kushner’s. In 2017,
Trump nominated Donovan to serve as deputy
secretary of the treasury, but he withdrew
himself from consideration. Shortly afterward,
he was appointed to serve as a member of the
President’s Intelligence Advisory Board. His

bio states that he joined Goldman in 1993, was
named a partner in 2000 and served on the
board of the bank’s philanthropy fund from
2002 to 2006. He has a Bachelor of Science in
chemical engineering from MIT, an MBA from
MIT Sloan School and a degree from Harvard
Law School. He is also a fund-raiser for the
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, an avid runner
and a contributor to Fortune. Donovan is an
adjunct professor at the University of Virginia
School of Law, where he teaches corporate
strategy and leadership.
So we have absolutely no idea how he has
time to date, but apparently he does.
Hicks and Donovan did not get back to us.

Hope dates a Goldman guy


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Presley Gerber (above) says
he’s sick of people bitching about
his face tattoo. The handsome son
of supermodel Cindy Crawford
and tequila mogul Rande Gerber
last month debuted a tattoo under
his right eye that reads “Misunder-
stood.” But he says nobody under-
stood, ranting on Instagram (typos
his): “Most and a lot of people can
get a face lifts, change genders, lip
injections, etc and it’s offensive to
say anything in today’s day in age
but I get a little face tattoo and now
people love to hate me. Hmmmm?”

So misunderstood

your friendly
biker! Onetime
Spider-Man Andrew
Garfield shoots a
movie in Soho.

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