New York Post - 13.03.2020

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New York Post, Friday, March 13, 2020

Kate Beckinsale has revealed how
Harvey Weinstein subjected her to a foul-
mouthed attack when she dared to wear a
pantsuit on the red carpet, and he raged
that she did not dress sexy enough. The ac-
tress starred in Weinstein’s 2001 movie
“Serendipity,” and revealed in an emotional
Instagram post how the former producer
allegedly called her a “c - - t” after she failed
to wear a tight-fitting dress for the movie’s
premiere. Beckinsale said it was a “huge re-
lief ” that convicted rapist Weinstein was
headed to prison for 23 years as she shared
photos of them at the premiere “mere
weeks after 9/11 with the city still smoking.”
She recalled that to the film’s cast and crew,
the timing “felt like the most insensitive,
tone-deaf, disrespectful idea possible. But
Harvey insisted.” The morning after the
questionable premiere, Beckinsale claims,
Weinstein invited her to a “playdate” at his
house for his two young daughters. But
things soon went downhill when a “livid”
Weinstein started screaming. “I had no idea
what he was talking about, and started to
shake,” Beckinsale wrote. “He said, ‘If I am
throwing a red carpet you get in a tight
dress, you shake your ass, you shake your
t - ts, you do not go down it looking like a
f - - king lesbian, you stupid f - - king c - - t.’
The shock made me burst into tears.”

Red-carpet tyrant

The coronavirus is ruining the lavish annual
spring break plans of the 1 percent. Manhattan’s
private jet set was packed and ready to decamp to
Aspen, Colo., or island paradises, but they’ll have
to settle for holing up at their Hamptons man-
sions for the (now indefinite) break. Social fixture
and entrepreneur Julie Macklowe told Town &
Country of the situation: “There’s a funny joke
running around... The whole Upper East
Side’s gonna end up divorced, because
now everyone has to vacation and live
together. I think it’s gonna definitely
be a lot more family time than most
people have experienced in their life.”
She just canceled her family’s annual trip
to Aspen in lieu of decamping to their
Hamps home. “We’re driving a U-Haul out
to the Hamptons. Which means I’ll probably be
the first to die,” she figured. A few others are con-
tinuing with their plans, including Jill Kargman
— but that comes with anxiety. “I mean we
weren’t getting into Wuhan or anything, just Palm
Springs! My parents want us to come no matter
what and said, ‘We all have to be careful but live
our lives,’ ” she told the mag. But, “I just hope they
don’t lock down New York like Milan and then we
can’t get back. I’m so addicted to New York; I’d
rather die of coronavirus than die of boredom!”

Slumming in the Hamps

Eve Plumb and former NBA player Jer-
ryd Bayless at the opening night party of
Bonner David Galleries NYC... MARTHA
Stewart at Sant Ambroeus at the Royal Po-
inciana Plaza in Palm Beach, Fla., followed
by a manicure at Paul Labrecque Salon & Spa

... MEGAN Thee Stallion celebrating the
release of her new album, “Suga,” at her Hottie
Party at Public Arts... CARSON Kressley at
Mandy Moore, East Village hot spot Cathédrale restaurant.
who just released
“Silver Landings,”
her first album in
11 years, looks
chic as she takes
a stroll in NYC.


That’s Ms. Hudgens, if you’re nasty. Vanessa
Hudgens pairs a Janet Jackson T-shirt with
light denim and black heels as she leaves a
casual breakfast in Los Angeles.



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