New York Post - 13.03.2020

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New York Post, Friday, March 13, 2020


Hanks for asking

but we’re ‘fine’!

Tom Hanks’ sons say he
and wife Rita Wilson are do-
ing just fine, despite their
­coronavirus diagnoses.
Chet Hanks, 29, posted a
video on Instagram reassur-
ing his followers that his par-
ents are “fine” and insisting
they’re “not worried.”
“It’s true my parents got
coronavirus. Crazy,” Chet
says in the video.
“They’re both down in
Australia right now because
my dad was shooting a movie
down there, but I just got off
the phone with them. They
both are fine. They’re not
even that sick. They’re not
worried about it.”
The Oscar-winning actor
and Wilson, both 63, an-
nounced Wednesday they
had tested positive for the
Australian officials said the
couple was being treated at a
Queensland hospital.
One of Hanks’ other sons,
actor Colin Hanks, weighed
in on Twitter Thursday, say-
ing he’s “confident” his father
and stepmom will soon be
back in good health.
“We are so grateful for the

outpouring of support from
everyone. My parents are re-
ceiving excellent care in Aus-
tralia and are doing well (and
in good spirits) given the cir-
cumstances,” wrote Colin, 42.
“Despite the fact that I’m in
LA and haven’t seen them in
over three weeks, we have
been in constant contact and
am confident that they will
make a full recovery.”
Meanwhile, staff on an Aus-
tralian morning talk show
who came into “prolonged
contact” with Wilson during
her appearance on the pro-
gram this week are now
­being quarantined.
“Today Extra” hosts David
Campbell and Belinda Russell
are among those being sent
into self-isolation for 14 days,
according to Nine Network,
which airs the program.
Hanks and his wife are in
Australia where he has been
working on an untitled Elvis
Presley biopic directed by
Baz Luhrmann.
Australia has reported
more than 120 confirmed
cases of the virus.
Francesca Bacardi
and Jackie Salo

Hanks and Rita Wilson posted this pic from Sydney Thursday.


Sit and kuwait:
Sick people fearing
coronavirus infec-
tion sit a relatively
safe distance from
each other on
Thursday while
awaiting medical
treatment at a
makeshift center
in Kuwait.

Xinhua/Sipa USA
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