Western Civilization

(Sean Pound) #1


Recovery and Rebirth:


Reformation and Religious

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  • The German Monarchy

  • The States of Italy

  • The Decline of the Church

    • Boniface VIII and the Conflict with the State

    • The Papacy at Avignon (1305–1378)

    • The Great Schism

    • The Conciliar Movement

  • Culture and Society in an Age of Adversity

    • The Development of Vernacular Literature

    • A New Art: Giotto

    • Changes in Urban Life

    • Inventions and New Patterns


    • Chapter Summary, Timeline, and Review

  •       - Renaissance The Age of the

  • Characteristics of the Italian Renaissance

  • The Making of Renaissance Society

    • Economic Recovery

    • Social Changes in the Renaissance

    • The Family in Renaissance Italy

  • The Italian States in the Renaissance

    • The Birth of Modern Diplomacy

    • Machiavelli and the New Statecraft

  • The Intellectual Renaissance in Italy

    • Italian Renaissance Humanism


    • Education in the Renaissance

    • The Impact of Printing

  • The Artistic Renaissance

    • Art in the Early Renaissance

    • The Artistic High Renaissance

    • The Artist and Social Status

    • The Northern Artistic Renaissance

  • The European State in the Renaissance

    • The Renaissance State in Western Europe

    • Central Europe: The Holy Roman Empire

      • Europe The Struggle for Strong Monarchy in Eastern

      • Empire The Ottoman Turks and the End of the Byzantine

        • The Church in the Renaissance

          • Dealing with Heresy and Reform

          • The Renaissance Papacy

          • Chapter Summary, Timeline, and Review

        •    - Century Warfare in the Sixteenth

        • Prelude to Reformation

          • Christian or Northern Renaissance Humanism

            • Reformation Church and Religion on the Eve of the

        • Germany Martin Luther and the Reformation in

          • The Early Luther

          • The Rise of Lutheranism

          • Organizing the Church

            • Politics Germany and the Reformation: Religion and

        • Reformation The Spread of the Protestant

          • The Zwinglian Reformation


          • The Radical Reformation: The Anabaptists

          • The Reformation in England

            • Calvinism John Calvin and the Development of

        • Reformation The Social Impact of the Protestant

          • The Family

          • Religious Practices and Popular Culture

        • The Catholic Reformation

          • Catholic Reformation or Counter-Reformation?

          • The Society of Jesus

          • A Revived Papacy

          • The Council of Trent

        • Century Politics and the Wars of Religion in the Sixteenth

          • The French Wars of Religion (1562–1598)

          • Philip II and Militant Catholicism

          • Revolt of the Netherlands

          • The England of Elizabeth

          • ELIZABETH(1998) FILM&HISTORY

          • Chapter Summary, Timeline, and Review

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