Western Civilization

(Sean Pound) #1


MAP 1.1 The Spread ofHomo sapiens sapiens 3
SPOT MAP Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro 6
SPOT MAP The Yellow River, China 6
SPOT MAP Central Asia Civilization 7
SPOT MAP Caral, Peru 7
MAP 1.2 The Ancient Near East 8
SPOT MAP Hammurabi’s Empire 10
MAP 1.3 Ancient Egypt 17
MAP 2.1 The Israelites and Their Neighbors in the First
SPOT MAP Phoenician Colonies and Trade Routes,
ca. 800B.C.E.
MAP 2.2 The Assyrian and Neo-Babylonian
Empires 36
MAP 2.3 The Persian Empire at the Time of Darius 42
MAP 3.1 Ancient Greece (ca. 750–338B.C.E.) 50
SPOT MAP Minoan Crete and Mycenaean Greece 51
MAP 4.1 The Conquests of Alexander the Great 77
MAP 4.2 The Hellenistic Kingdoms 82
MAP 5.1 Ancient Italy 96
SPOT MAP The City of Rome 97
MAP 5.2 Roman Conquests in the Mediterranean,
264–133B.C.E. 102
MAP 5.3 Roman Dominions in the Late Republic,
31 B.C.E. 116
MAP 6.1 The Roman Empire from Augustus Through
Trajan (14–117) 126
MAP 6.2 Trade Routes and Products in the Roman
Empire, ca. 200 128
SPOT MAP The Silk Road 128
MAP 6.3 Imperial Rome 134
MAP 7.1 Divisions of the Late Roman Empire,
ca. 300 148
MAP 7.2 The Germanic Kingdoms of the Old Western
Empire 153
MAP 7.3 The Spread of Christianity, 400–800 161
MAP 7.4 The Eastern Roman Empire in the Time of
Justinian 163
SPOT MAP The Byzantine Empire, ca. 750 165
MAP 7.5 The Expansion of Islam 169
MAP 8.1 The Carolingian Empire 177

SPOT MAP Division of the Carolingian Empire by the
Treaty of Verdun, 843 181
MAP 8.2 Invasions of the Ninth and Tenth
Centuries 182
MAP 8.3 A Typical Manor 186
SPOT MAP The Byzantine Empire in 1025 188
MAP 8.4 The Migrations of the Slavs 190
SPOT MAP The Abbasid Caliphate at the Height of Its
Power 193
MAP 9.1 Medieval Trade Routes 206
SPOT MAP Flanders as a Trade Center 207
MAP 9.2 Main Intellectual Centers of Medieval
Europe 212
MAP 10.1 England and France (1154–1337): (left)
England and Its French Holdings; (right)
Growth of the French State 226
MAP 10.2 Christian Reconquests in the Western
Mediterranean 227
MAP 10.3 The Lands of the Holy Roman Empire in the
Twelfth Century 228
MAP 10.4 Northern and Eastern Europe, ca. 1150 230
SPOT MAP The Mongol Empire in the Thirteenth
Century 230
MAP 10.5 The Early Crusades 243
MAP 11.1 Spread of the Black Death 253
MAP 11.2 The Hundred Years’ War 257
SPOT MAP The Holy Roman Empire in the Fourteenth
Century 261
SPOT MAP The States of Italy in the Fourteenth
Century 262
SPOT MAP Avignon 263
MAP 12.1 Renaissance Italy 279
MAP 12.2 Europe in the Second Half of the Fifteenth
Century 294
MAP 13.1 The Empire of Charles V 309
SPOT MAP The Swiss Cantons 310
MAP 13.2 Catholics and Protestants in Europe by
1560 316
SPOT MAP The Netherlands 321
MAP 14.1 European Discoveries and Possessions in the
Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries 331


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