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10 golf digest | issue 4. 2020

golf digest
editor-in-chief Jerry Tarde
general manager Chris Reynolds

editorial director Max Adler
editorial director, digital Sam Weinman
executive editors Peter Morrice, Michael O’Malley
design director Ken DeLago
executive producer Christian Iooss
managing editors Alan P. Pittman, Ryan Herrington (News)
senior editors Ron Kaspriske (Instruction),
Mike Stachura (Equipment), Ron Whitten (Architecture)
equipment editor E. Michael Johnson
senior photographer/videographer Dom Furore
senior writers Alex Myers, Matthew Rudy, Guy Yocom
staff writers Joel Beall, Daniel Rapaport
art director Chloe Galkin
visuals editor Ben Walton
supervising producer Michael Sneeden
producers Gregory Gottfried (Web),
Mason Leverington, Greg Snedeker
associate editors Stephen Hennessey,
Keely Levins, Brittany Romano, Derek Duncan (Architecture),
Coleman Bentley (The Loop)
associate producer Will Fullerton
assistant editors Madeline MacClurg,
Christopher Powers

editor-at-large Nick Seitz
photographer-at-large Walter Iooss Jr.
columnist Jim Nantz
chief digital instructor Michael Breed
contributing editors John Barton, Tom Callahan,
Bob Carney, David Fay, Peter Finch, John Feinstein, Mar ty
Hackel, John Huggan, Dean Knuth, David Owen, Steve Rushin,
Roger Schiffman, Cliff Schrock, Dave Shedloski,
John Strege, Brian Wacker
contributing photographer J.D. Cuban
chief playing editor Tiger Woods
playing editors Phil Mickelson, Francesco Molinari,
Jordan Spieth, Tom Watson
teaching professionals Rob Akins, Todd Anderson,
Chuck Cook, Hank Haney, Butch Harmon, David Leadbetter,
Cameron McCormick, Jim McLean, Renee Powell, Dean
Reinmuth, Randy Smith, Rick Smith, Dave Stockton, Josh Zander
professional advisors Amy Alcott, Bill Mallon, Gary
McCord, Randy Myers, Nick Price, Judy Rankin, Lucius Riccio,
Bob Rotella, Ben Shear, Ralph Simpson, Frank Thomas
technical panel Martin Brouillette, Tom Mase,
John McPhee, David Lee, Dick Rugge, George Springer

editorial operations
executive director, finance Chris Petruccelli
director, marketing Meredith Bausback
director, business development & partnerships
Greg Chatzinoff
director, social media & digital content
Jamie Kennedy
senior product manager Amy Har tford
senior project manager James Alarcon
production manager Byrute Johnson
product manager, mobile Jason Stoll
senior product designer Lauren Occhipinti
senior producer, digital content Hally Leadbetter
social media manager, golf digest Nicole Rae
social media coordinator Claire Rogers
manager, crm Jonathan Jacobino
audience development manager Courtney Kyritz
audience development manager Patrick Andrews
executive assistant to the editor-in-chief
Jeanmarie Ferullo
executive assistant Daria Delfino

With the body, brain and talent you have,

how good could you get right now?
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discovery golf
president & general manager Alex Kaplan
global head of strategy & content Jerry Tarde
senior vice president & general manager, golf digest Chris Reynolds
senior vice president & general manager, golftv Jeff Geels
senior vice president, product & technology Eugene Huang
senior vice president, legal Suzanne Underwald
senior vice president, communications Fiona McLachlan
senior vice president, human resources Kit Herrera
vice president, business development & partnerships Agatha Yerbury
vice president & editorial director Max Adler
vice president & editorial director, digital Sam Weinman
vice president & executive editor Peter Morrice
vice president, studio & video content Stina Sternberg
vice president, product Vishal Parikh

sales & marketing
vice president, commercial Jonny Haworth
senior vice president, business development Dan Robertson
vice president, marketing Joshua Stern
senior sales director Te r r y K a t z
director, ad revenue & partnerships Rob Lutin
brand partnerships director Katerina Tomari
sales director, golftv Charlie Buck
sales manager, golf digest Pete Nelson
digital sales planner Allison Kelly
sales executive, golf digest Rick Hall
sales executive, golf digest Alex Dobson
sales coordinator Grace Wayne
director, creative services Lance Hertzbach
art director Bill Specht
senior manager, marketing Nicole Riccardi
senior manager, marketing Carley Strauss
executive assistant to the president Lauren Fauci
executive assistant Caraline Gonzalez

golf digest international
international editor Ju Kuang Tan
editors-in-chief Hernán SimÓ, Jorge R. Arias (Argentina),
Brad Clifton (Australia), Rodrigo Soto (Chile), Echo Ma (China), Rishi Narain (India),
Irwan Hermawan (Indonesia), Linton Walsh (Ireland), Eun Jeong Sohn (Korea),
Patrick Ho (Malaysia), Rafa Quiroz (Mexico), Kent Gray (Middle East),
João Morais Leitão (Portugal), Fedor Gogoley (Russia), Stuart McLean (South Africa),
Óscar Maqueda (Spain), Eric Franzén (Sweden), Jennifer Wei (Taiwan),
Chumphol Na Takuathung (Thailand)
licensees GolfMagazin (Germany), Il Mondo del Golf (Italy),
Golf & Country (Switzerland)
digital licensees Daisuke Miyake, Golf Digest Online (Japan),
Singapore Press Holdings Newspapers (Singapore)
published by discovery inc.
president & chief executive officer David Zaslav
ceo, global direct-to-consumer Peter Faricy
chief financial officer Gunnar Wiedenfels
president & ceo, discovery networks international Jean-Briac Perrette
chief development, distribution & legal officer Bruce Campbell
chief people & culture officer Adria Alper t Romm
chief corporate operations & communications officer David C. Leavy
chief u.s. advertising sales officer Jon Steinlauf
general counsel Savalle Sims
president, affiliate distribution Eric Phillips
chief technology officer, direct-to-consumer Avi Saxena

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ask golf digest
Q My friend
Ross drove his
ball into some
sand a worker
was towing to
another hole,
but we didn’t
know this until
the worker later
found the ball
(marked “Ross”)
and brought it to
us. What’s the
paul fenton
A If Ross’ ball
turned up within
three minutes of
his drive, he would
estimate where
it had landed
in the cart and
drop within one
club-length, no
closer to the hole,
without penalty
(see Exception 1 to
Rule 11.1b). But if
he had already de-
termined the ball
was lost and had
re-hit from the tee
box, he’s now lying
three and there’s
no turning back
(see Rule 14.6).
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