(Joyce) #1

Play Tee to Green by Butch Harmon

Setup Shortcuts

What changes at address from driver to wedge

18 golf digest | issue 4. 2020 Photographs by J.D. Cuban


t takes zero athletic
ability to set up to the
ball perfectly every time.
What it does take is knowing
the correct positions and having
the discipline to get them right.
Let’s start with the driver. Set the
clubface square behind the ball,
then take your stance so your feet
are wider than your shoulders
(right). Play the ball off your front
heel, with your weight 50-50.
Your head should be behind the
ball, and the shaft should be
neutral, not leaning forward or
back. Now, want a tip for extra
power? Flare out your back foot
for more turn on the backswing.
See the next page to learn how
to set up for irons and wedges.
—with peter morrice

harmon is a Golf Digest Teaching Professional.
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