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Review by Steve Baczewski

27" Color-Accurate Display from Acer

C P7 27 1 K


Company: Acer

Price: $2,199.99


Hot: Accurate color display; hood

Not: Limited movements; vague menu
descriptions; expensive

A screen that accurately displays images is reassuring and indis-
pensable. The 27" Acer CP7271K is a 4K (3840x2160) UHD IPS
panel display has a delta E of <1, refresh rate of up to 144 Hz,
and a 99% Adobe RGB color space, which all adds up to being
ideal for demanding graphic designers and photographers. At
$2,199.99 ($1,699.99 at B&H Photo), the display is relatively
expensive, and the onscreen manager (OSM) control panel menu
needs some work to clarify key calibration terms.
Setting up the CP7271K is straightforward. The round base
has a faux wood veneer, the support arm is brush metallic, and
the non-glare screen has a thin black bezel. The OSM control
panel, usually found in the lower-right front of the bezel for ease
of access, is instead positioned on the back in the lower-right
side. The 5-button control panel includes a 4-way navigator to
peruse the menu. The control panel is graphically represented
on the screen, making it easy to reach around back to locate the
correct button.
The display comes with a hood to block stray light and prevent
screen glare, which can help to accurately judge an image. On top
of the hood is a trapdoor in which to pass a colorimeter or spec-
trophotometer to the screen surface when calibrating.
The screen’s movements are smooth, but limited to rise and
fall and tilt back and forth. There’s no swivel from side to side,
and no ability to orient to a portrait position. I found the angle of
view to be approximately 150°, less than the claim of 178°. Angle
of view is of concern when the screen is used in a group setting



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