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>^ APRIL 2020

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you could try to travel back in time and write down the
settings. The easiest method, however, is to hold down
Option (PC: Alt) as you select the same adjustment from the
Image>Adjustments menu again. If you invoke the Option
(PC: Alt) key, the dialog will open with the previous settings
already applied. I know time travel would be much more fun,
but this is probably easier and safer.

Camera Raw as a filter is the best thing to happen to
Photoshop since Photoshop CC (except maybe the Librar-
ies panel or the Object Selection tool; Content-Aware
is pretty good too). The Camera Raw Filter adjustments
are better than using Photoshop’s adjustment controls
in many ways. One of the nice ways to work in the Cam-
era Raw Filter is with the onscreen controls. You can
click-and-drag on your image and adjust the color, bright-
ness, and saturation. Click-and-hold on the Target Adjust-
ment tool (T) in the toolbar at the top left. It looks like a
crosshair with a target. You’ll see options for Parametric
Curve, Hue, Saturation, and Luminance. Choose any of

these and drag up or down directly on the image to
change the tones across the entire image, based on the
area where you first clicked. Hue changes the color, and
saturation changes the amount of color. The main dif-
ference between Luminance and Parametric Curve is
that Luminance darkens or lightens based on the color,
whereas Parametric Curve uses the luminance (light or
dark tones).

Have you ever stacked a couple of images in the same doc-
ument, and then wanted to place the two layers side by
side but the document wasn’t large enough to show both
images? Normally, you’d go to Image>Canvas Size, but then
you have to guess on the new dimensions. Try this: Drag out
the right edge of the document window so you can see the
canvas area around the image. Switch to the Move tool (V),
and drag the top layer off to the side, even if you can’t see
it anymore. Choose Image>Reveal All. Now the canvas will
be expanded to perfectly fit any “out-of-bounds” pixels.
So easy and quick! n

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