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As I write this note, I still can’t
believe how our world has been
turned upside down in just the
short time between our last issue
and this one. Our headquarters in
Tampa are now closed (Florida is
officially on lockdown), and we’re
all working at home (and have
been for a while, even before we
were ordered to stay inside). It’s a
very surreal time in our lives, our
industry, and our country.
We’ve been trying to help out
the community in the best way
we know how. We’re now host-
ing weekly live webcasts. These
are the ones we normally do
for our KelbyOne members, but
we’ve invited everyone to join us this time around,
just to help keep us moving forward while we’re all
stuck at home. We’re also still planning to release a
new online class every week, and I don’t think there’s
ever been a time where it has been more import-
ant for us to do so. Thanks (and a shout out) to my
incredible team here.
We’re all in this together. So many designers have
been furloughed; so many photographers are out of
work. It’s heartbreaking, frustrating, and pretty much
everything bad all rolled into one. All that being
said, we will get past this, and this awful virus will
be behind us. Through our courses, free webinars,
blogs, and The Grid, we’re trying to help people be
in a better place when we do get past this, to a place
where your skills have been honed, you’re getting
more from your postprocessing, and you’re learning
new techniques so you’re better prepared for success
for the rest of the year. Another important part of
all this is that we’re trying to give creative people a
place where they can go to get away from all the
bad news, and focus on something positive. Some-
thing that will move us forward and help set us up for

success, where we can enjoy our art, our craft, and
our creative passions after this is all behind us.
You’re reading one of those tools right now here
in Photoshop User magazine. Let this be one of the
vehicles you use to focus on something positive, learn
new techniques, new skills, and hear from the folks
who are proud and privileged to share with you what
they’ve learned.
We’re honored to have you as our members and
our readers. Here’s to brighter days ahead! Stay safe,
stay indoors, look out for each other, wash your hands
a bunch, stay the heck away from everybody, and we’ll
all get through this together and in one piece.
Wishing you and your family good health. Keep
pushing those pixels around, and show ‘em who’s boss! 

All my best,

Scott Kelby
KelbyOne President & CEO
Editor & Publisher, Photoshop User

Erik, Scott, and Chris on our live webcast set

A Note from Scott

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