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APRIL 2020 • VOL 23 • NO 4

Cover Image: George Stergiou

Each issue we feature cover art
by a KelbyOne member
This issue’s cover is by George Stergiou. Photography is a meditating tool for George,
allowing him an escape from his full-time music endeavors and career. He picked
up his first DSLR four years ago, and it changed his life. He just couldn’t stop seeing
the world with different eyes. He started learning photography, Photoshop, and
Lightroom techniques from the masters, including Scott Kelby, Serge Ramelli, and
Unmesh Dinda, just to name a few. Winning the Samyang lens competition in 2018
and the Your Best Photo KelbyOne Member Challenge for 2019 gave George a push to
shoot every day and improve his photography. For more on George, turn to page 17.
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