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Say goodbye to pale skin any time of
the year with Ella Baché’s Great Tanning
range. Personalised to your skin colour
with two natural tones available and no
sun required, the range is perfect for
those who want a rich, bronzed colour
without the sun damaging effects. Ella
Baché’s Great Tanning range gives a
totally natural-looking, golden sunless
tan that lasts for days.
The Great Tanning range also
includes three additional products:

  1. Great Facetan Without Sun – A
    moisturising self-tan for the face.

  2. Great Tan Without Sun – A
    moisturising self-tan for the body
    and face.

  3. Great Sunkiss – A fast absorbing,
    moisture-rich body lotion with a hint of

Step out with bronzed, glowing skin this
summer thanks to Great Mousse Tan –
a fast absorbing, moisturising and quick
drying addition to Ella Baché’s tanning
collection that develops into a sunless
golden tan within hours. Get ready for
smooth, nourished and bronzed skin
with this Australian-made mousse tan
available in two easy-application colour
variations, Medium and Dark.
Great Mousse Tan is enriched with
superfood greens - Avocado Oil, Aloe
Vera and moisture enhancing actives
to protect against dehydration while
Green Tea extract protects the skin’s
surface from free radicals.
This super-lightweight, easy-to-apply
tan dries in minutes and won’t transfer
onto clothes or sheets.

formulations, we have introduced new
products to each brand category, and
we have also taken some away. We
introduced our newest range Aspect
Sun™ and we have re-designed our
packaging. There has been a lot of
positive work over the past few years!
‘I believe our new offering is
premium and superior. Seeing these
brands grow and evolve is truly
exciting. I am extremely proud’.
Kirsty Sinclair, marketing manager
Advanced Skin Technology adds: ‘So
much has been going on behind the
scenes at Aspect Skincare and we are
and share, in more detail, our newest
brand category Aspect Sun™.’
Introduced in August 2019, Aspect
Sun™ is a comprehensive range of
SPF 50 and 50+ sunscreens. This
four-piece sunscreen collection has
been designed to be ultra-hydrating,
lightweight and fast absorbing. They
are designed to elevate your daily
routine all year round.

It’s no secret that Aspect™ and
Aspect Dr™ have helped shape
the cosmeceutical industry into what
it is today.
Heather Harrison, founder Aspect
Skincare™ explains: ’When we
launched into the market in 2007,
clinics and salons and Aspect Dr™ was
developed for physicians and doctors.
It was our aim to develop two superior
Australian cosmeceutical brands
which offered quality home care and
solutions for professionals that target a
wide variety of skin concerns.
‘Today, these two incredible brands
have become the most respected and
widely known brands available. The
huge success of Aspect and Aspect
Dr™ has led us to streamline our
collections and create a new parent
category called Aspect Skincare™.
The process has been rewarding; we
have bolstered the ingredients to our
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