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showing a wonderful Impressionist exhibit, I took a full-day
trip to check it out. It felt as if I was in art heaven on earth.
To round out my field trips, I planned a grand finale:
taking a workshop with one of my favorite artists. I found
a friend to go with me, and we flew from Kansas to
Tennessee for a five-day workshop. This was at the end
of my self-imposed summer-school session—a reward of
sorts for all of the hard work I’d done throughout the
previous months.

The best part about planning my
own summer-school experience was
that there weren’t any tests at the
end of the session. All of the work
and practice that I’d put in during the
weeks prior felt more like a reward
all to myself. I’d made a plan and fol-
lowed through on my commitment to
do the work.
If I had to grade my
efforts, I’d give myself
an “A.” I met my goals of
committing to consistent
painting, gaining skills
and improving my tech-
nique. I learned so much
and was proud of myself
for devoting significant
time to my art.
A new season of sum-

After a two-decade career
in the paper-crafting
industry, Michelle
Wooderson (Instagram:
@mishwooderson) is direct-
ing her interest to fi ne art.
Th e Kansas-based painter
gains inspiration from
nature and enjoys working
en plein air, walks in the
woods, trail riding in the
mountains and camping in
a vintage Airstream camper.
She creates unique art
supplies from refurbished
vintage fi nds; her goods
and original artwork can
be found at madebymish.

Field trips:
In addition to
a museum outing
and other local art
venues, an out-
of-state workshop
(below) was on my
list of fi eld trip

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