(Joyce) #1


24 Artists Magazine June 2020

Last summer,I spenta coupleofmonthstravelingin
Europe. It wasa tripI’llneverforget—andnotbecause
I ate way toomanypainsauchocolatorbecausea tornado
tore throughthecanalsofAmsterdamorbecauseI spent
three hoursintheTate.Instead,thistripisdeeply
imprinted inmymemorybecauseI tookalonga sketch-
book, a smallsetofwatercolorsanda handfulofpens.
I startedkeepinga travelsketchbookinmylate30s,
soon after Ifellinlovewithdrawing.Thissimpleaction
has transformedwhatI’veseenandhowI’veseen
it on my trekswhereverI go,anywhereintheworld.

Pack Your Sketchbook

DANNY GREGORY welcomes you to the wide world

of illustrated travel journaling.

Like many travelers, I’ve wanted to be able to see the
great sights of the world from my own particular vantage,
to have my very own experiences instead of taking pre-
packaged tours. Snapping the same selfies in front of the
Eiffel Tower or pics of the Colosseum through a tour bus
window is as fleeting an experience to me as wolfing down
a Big Mac near Tiananmen Square.
I’ve found, much like Lewis and Clark did on their expe-
dition, that making a record of one’s own impressions
provides a rich, deep perspective. It’s the difference

Record what you see, smell, hear, taste and,
most of all, how you feel about your journey.
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