(Joyce) #1

through the risks and benefits
of HRT [hormone replacement
therapy]. I got tested for breast
cancer genes and when it was
negative I thought, “You know
what, I’m going to go on it.”
Did it make a difference to you?
Literally the first time I put the
little magic sticker on. I woke up
the next day and thought, “Oh my
God, I slept through the night.”
I hadn’t slept through the night
for years. I’d been lying on a towel
because the sheets were so wet.
I just felt back to myself again.
It was the most miraculous
turnaround. I went from feeling
absolutely desperate to really
amazing overnight. But it has to
be a personal choice. I thought
I was going to be that person who
does it all naturally. I’m a hippie.
I only take headache pills if
absolutely necessary. I don’t take
any mood-altering substances.
I had all my babies at home with
no pain relief. But Jesus, give
me the HRT!
Are you still on it now?
Yes. I asked my doctor the other
day, “Can I stay on this until I’m
80?” He just said, “Let’s take it
year by year.” But at the moment
I still feel amazing. That’s not to
say that sometimes I don’t look
in the mirror and think, “Oh God,
what’s happened to my face?”
But it’s so fleeting.
Would you ever consider
plastic surgery?
I’m not anti it at all, but I don’t
feel like I need to do it now. But
I’m not saying I won’t do it in
the future. And I don’t think
anybody should give a hoot about
me doing it either. People doing
stuff to themselves is the new
normal and I don’t judge anybody
for doing it – at any age.
What if your kids wanted
to do it?
You know what? If they’re 18,
it’s their life. My kids don’t care
what I look like, they just love me
unconditionally. And I think as a
parent my job is to love my kids
unconditionally, too.
How do you feel about them
growing up?
They’re going to make mistakes.
They are going to be amazing.
They’re going to be flawed. They
are going to make me terrified
with the things that they do. One
of them is probably going to get
a motorbike or something. But
all I can do is say, “Go. Be free.
Use the tools I’ve given you.
And I’m here if you need me.”
Do you dread them flying
the nest?
Holly is 18. She’ll be going to
university in September. Letting

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