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Specifi cally Soldering

challenge of fabricating screamingly complicated cold connections and cutting rock.
To redeem myself, I recently spent a little time at my torch and remembered just
how fun/challenging soldering can be, too. I made a resolution to solder more often
this year, aided by a massive studio cleanup that set me up for some serious torch
time. So now I’m keeping abreast of what’s new, nearly new, or just too cool for
school, and these beauties really caught my eye.

Cool Tools & Hip Tips

New tools and supplies that light my fi re
By Helen I. Driggs, Photos by Jim Lawson

Right at the Bench
One reason I prefer cold connections is simple logistics (or complex laziness). My sol-
dering station is all the way across the studio, so to solder something, I have to break
my concentration, get up, gather everything together, go over there and set it all up,
torch, quench, pickle and clean up, then come all the way back to the bench and recali-
brate my brain for my next step. What the heck was I thinking, putting the torch all the
way over there?
But now, Eureka! The new Roto™ articulated soldering tray from Bench Guru swivels,
rotates — and installs right under your bench top. No more marching back and forth for
soldering for me, boosting not only my productivity but my happiness level right
along with it. The tray also allows you easy and steady observation of your
soldering progress from all sides. Simply spin the soldering pad to
take a peek at the entire work area and solder every part
in any position — without moving your piece! That
swing arm also allows for eff ortless storage
— you just push the tray under the
worktop to stow it away until
you need it.
And the three-part
installation is so simple. A
pivot fi xture attaches to the
sidewall of your bench with
two screws for either right-
or left-handed positioning. It
also holds a 6"x6"x½" Solderite
block that withstands tempera-
tures up to 2,000° F, which has
always been my main concern
with soldering at my bench. This is
truly an awesome unit, and I really
love mine. Thank you, Bench Guru!
(And if you think this is cool, just
wait until you see what they sent
over for the next issue.)
More at http://www.benchguru.biz

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