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Superb Soldering Supplies
You just can’t solder without fl ux, solder, and something metal to solder on and with, right? Check out
these beautiful new fi ne silver scallop (SWFB4S) and 18ga. loop (SWG953) bezel wires from the helpful
folks at Halstead. I am continually impressed by the wide range of must-haves they carry, including fi nd-
ings, parts, wire, sheet, and consumable supplies for the serious craftsperson. I appreciate their products
for beginner and intermediate makers, too, like this syringe silver solder (XS11M medium) for precise and
prefl uxed placement along the join. And because when I teach beginners fabrication I use less-expensive
copper and brass, I was overjoyed to discover this lead-free, low temperature copper/brass paste solder
(XS14C), with its better color match and fast fl ow.

And Another Thing
Talking torch, you might want to
anneal a few sheets of metal and
read on while they’re soaking in the
pickle pot. In the January/February
2020 issue, I wrote about a new line of
truly awesome laser-engraved paper
texture sources for the rolling mill, so
I would be remiss not to mention that
Contenti Tools is now carrying a com-
plete line also. Really nice allover pat-
terns include paisley, mandala, birch,
fl owers, waves, and honeycomb
(194-101 through 107) among many
more, and my favorite, fossils (194-111).
If you have a mill or use metal or poly-
mer clay, you’ll want some of these
patterns, and the blue foam sheets
(194-098) that add extra padding and
additional force while roll milling.
More at https://contenti.com

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HELEN I. DRIGGS is a metalsmith, instructor, talent in six videos, and author of The Jewelry
Maker’s Field Guide and Metal Jewelry Workshop. Follow her blog: materialsmithing.wordpress.
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