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ow are you? Keeping your chin up? These are crazy times and we
want to thank you for buying Total Film when you could be
stockpiling loo paper. Although films have been yanked from the
schedule at an alarming rate, there’s still some corking stuff to read
about in this issue to provide escapism from the news. Scarlett Johansson’s Black
Widow for one, to whet your appetite for Marvel’s OG avenger in her long-awaited
standalone (whenever we might see it). Plus we’re covering The Assistant (pertinent
in these post-Weinstein times), Damien Chazelle’s new TV venture, Ma^y>]]r, and
I talked to Joe Wright and Amy Adams about creating a movie centred in one house
as a woman who cannot go out spies on her neighbours. Sounds like we might all
relate to that one more than we might have done a few months ago. And if you
want to ensure you continue to get movie goodness without going to the shops,
there are great deals right now on a digital subscription of this esteemed mag. Plus
we’ll keep you entertained with our weekly podcasts.

Jane Crowther, Editor-in-Chief


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Hemmings (JH), Simon Kinnear (SK), Chris Schilling (CS), Kate Stables (KS), Gabriel Tate (GT), Amy West (AW)
Entertainment Editor, Gamesradar+ Jack Shepherd (JS) jack.shepherd@futurenet.com
Illustration Lizzy Thomas, 17th & Oak
Photography Alamy, Gey, Rex, Trunk Archive
Thanks to Nick Chen, Roy Delaney, Rhian Drinkwater (Production)

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