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Denise Dahlhoff, “It’s time for CMOs to rally a cross-functional approach to customer experience,” s+b, July 19, 2019: Advice on getting buy-in
from C-suite colleagues.
Matt Egol, Reid Carpenter, and Sujay Saha, “ROX: How to get started with the new experience metric,” s+b, Mar. 29, 2019: Defines “return on
experience” — the new way of tracking the results of your investments in customer and employee experiences — and how to implement it.
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PwC, Global Consumer Insights Survey 2019, https://pwc.to/GCIS-2019: Responses from 21,000 consumers in 27 territories show thayou’re in the business of household goods, health services, car sales, or financial services, delivering a superior experience will make you a winner.t whether
More on this topic: strategy-business.com/organizations-and-people
communicating regularly with one another. By following the high ground
concept, or another unifying concept if that fits the organization better, they can
put forth a new way of thinking that defines how the organization approaches
its leaders, employees, and customers. The starting points include the decision
to get started, the design of the three forms of intervention, the identification of
the first round of participants, and the timetable for producing results.
Experience is not something you design as an augmentation of a company’s
existence. It is the expression of your enterprise’s identity, voiced by everyone who
cares about it: leader, employee, and customer alike. Nearly everyone believes
in the quality of experience as an ideal. When you align LX, EX, and CX, it
becomes much easier to bring it to reality. +

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