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Show must go on

Mike Harris addresses the elephant in the

room, and suggests a few ways we can keep

shooting during this difficult time


t’s been a challenging few
weeks, and it’s likely we’ll have
more challenges to face going
forward. Every industry and
individual has been affected
by the coronavirus outbreak in some way, and
photography is certainly no different.
I had initially reserved this spot for talk of
witnessing the D6 and meeting N-Photo
readers at The Photography Show. But as
you’re probably aware, the event has been
postponed until 19-22 September. The D6
release too has been pushed back until May,
but during this period of uncertainty other
matters must take precedence. And yet it’s
still important to have a positive outlet.

Think outside the softbox
While the nation battens down the hatches,
we might all have to become a little more
creative when it comes to taking photos, but
there are plenty of projects you can try at
home. Just last issue I took macro photos
with a standard lens and a cheap reversing
ring from the comfort of my own kitchen.
In this issue you’ve probably already read
James Paterson’s guide to focus stacking and
panoramic stitching (page 58), which takes
macro photography a step further. A good

portion of us might be tempted to try a new
genre too. A clear night and a full moon
encouraged me to have a bash at lunar
photography from my landing window (more
on that next issue). Not only was it a success,
but being inside made the whole experience
much more comfortable – I had an infinite
supply of tea and biscuits!
Time spent indoors is also the perfect
excuse to brush up on your editing skills.
Perhaps you’ve never really understood layer
masks, you’ve been meaning to try Affinity
Photo or you never nailed the basics of
Photoshop. Now’s your chance! I for one have
a hard drive full of unedited Raws, which I’ve
been putting off filtering through for months

  • and the work doesn’t stop there...
    I’m all too aware that my discipline when it
    comes to naming and storing files leaves a lot
    to be desired. Well, I’ve made up my mind.
    Now’s the time to get everything backed up
    and filed correctly. I might just take George
    Cairns’ advice and download Nikon Image
    Space (page 56) too.
    With all that in mind, some of us could be
    busier than ever. Photography is an important
    outlet for us all, so where possible, let’s make
    the most of this difficult situation. Until next
    month, stay safe and keep shooting.


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