(Nancy Kaufman) #1
DHEA production—doubling
your ability to build muscle and
speeding fat loss by as much as
65% —just by adding 4 Tbs.
of whey protein powder to
your daily diet.

To feel upbeat:
Bake a potato
Serotonin keeps you happy
during the day and helps
you sleep at night. When your
brain’s serotonin production
drops after age 45, baked
potatoes can help! According
to Massachusetts Institute
of Technology researchers,
potatoes contain compounds
that increase the brain’s ability
to use serotonin,
cutting your risk of
blue moods and
restless sleep by
as much as half.



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Look 10 years younger...with eggs!

Stay Young with

To lighten periods:
Aim for more vitamin A
After age 35, we’re three times
more likely to have a heavy f low.
Why? Ovaries produce less
progesterone, the hormone that
controls growth of the uterine
lining. Luckily, two studies
suggest 5,000 IU of vitamin A
daily encourages progesterone
release, lightening periods for
92% of women in four months.
Note: Check with your doctor
before supplementing.

To boost muscle
strength: Add whey
When we were teens, our
adrenal glands produced lots of
DHEA, a hormone that builds
muscle and burns fat, says
endocrinologist Alex Forster,
M.D. Fortunately, Australian
researchers say you can boost

Optimizing your hormone levels the natural way can help
keep you strong, slim, energized and happy—at any age!
And with these science-backed tips, it’s surprisingly easy

Balance hormones

to feel your best!

Every part of this kitchen staple helps beautify you from head to toe

To keep skin aglow :
Dash upstairs
Your liver produces an anti-
aging hormone (IGF-1) that
slows wrinkling, says derma-
tologist Chris Griffiths, M.D.
And Canadian researchers say
2-minute bursts of exercise spur
IGF-1 release. Just four bursts
daily can slow skin aging by up
to 50%! —Brenda Kearns

Eating 1^1 ⁄ 2 Tbs. of extra-virgin
olive oil (EVOO) daily cuts
even severe menstrual cramps
by 83% in two months—better
results than pain meds offer,
Italian researchers say. Credit
an EVOO compound (oleocan-
thal) that blocks the production
of pain-triggering hormones
called prostaglandins.

Drizzle olive oil
to soothe cramps

More natural^ health^ news

Yolks thicken hair! Used in a
hair mask, egg yolk’s biotin boosts
growth and strengthens strands
to thwart shedding. To d o : Mix
1 yolk with 1 Tbs. of olive oil (its
amino acids plump strands and
nix breakage), then apply from
the scalp to the ends of damp
hair; rinse after 15 minutes.

Whites de-puff eyes!
Thanks to the high protein
content, egg whites tighten skin
as they dr y, reducing undereye
swelling for up to four hours!
To d o : Beat the whites of 1
egg until foamy, then tap onto
undereye bags with a cotton
ball. Let sit 15 minutes; rinse.

Shells soften rough skin!
The grittiness of a ground egg-
shell scrub sloughs off dead, dry
skin cells while its minerals repair
any damage. To d o : Grind 2
eggshells in a blender until pul-
verized, then mix with 2 Tbs.
of coconut oil. Rub onto damp
skin while showering; rinse.

Halt hot
Taking 900 mg. of anise
seed extract daily cuts the
frequency of hot flashes
by 74% in one month,
research shows. Anise’s
healing oils nourish
the brain’s temperature
control center.

18 4/13/20^ Woma n’s World

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