(Jacob Rumans) #1


WORDS: Lucy Miller PHOTOGRAPHY: Will Ireland

Benefits: Works your core, hamstrings and glutes.
Reps: 30 each leg

● Stand facing a chair and hold onto the backrest. Bend both
knees slightly, and walk backwards so your back and arms are
straight and parallel to the floor.
● Without arching your back, engage your glutes and raise your
left leg behind you, in line with your body. Perform 30 tiny circles to
the left, then 30 tiny circles to the right.
● Switch legs, then repeat on the other side.

Benefits: Stretches
your hamstrings and
works your glutes,
core and triceps.
Reps: 10 each side

● Sit on the floor with
your hands behind your
bottom and your fingertips
pointing forward.
● Lift your hips off
the floor so you’re in a
tabletop position and lift

your right leg straight up,
hips remaining high (A).
● Bend your arms as you
perform a dip (B), while
keeping your leg up as
high and as straight
as you can manage.
● Push through your
hands to straighten your
elbows, still keeping
your leg up high.
● Do all 10 reps on one
side before switching to
the other.


Benefits: Works your inner thighs, glutes,
calves and core.
Time: 40 seconds

● Start with both hands on a sturdy object like
a chair, feet parallel but slightly apart.
● Lift your heels off the ground, then lower down
as far as you can before feeling your thighs burn.
● Once you feel the burn, hold and start pulsing
down an inch and up an inch for 40 seconds.
● Once you have mastered the move, add an
extra challenge, by placing a cushion or ball in
between your thighs and squeezing.

Don’t be fooled into thinking small
movements are easy – you’ll need stamina
and you’ll feel the burn as you pulse!
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