(Jacob Rumans) #1



Feeling frazzled? Throw a few of these
foods into your day’s menus to calm
your mind and soothe your body

Breakfast is the meal that sets your mood
and energy for the day ahead but how
much thought do you put into it? If you
grab a piece of toast or coffee as you rush
out of the door, it’s time to think again!
Eating well not only helps you take the
day’s challenges in your stride, it’s also
proven to help you make healthier food
choices for the rest of the day.
‘Eating a healthy breakfast that contains
good fats and adequate protein helps to
maintain your blood sugar levels and
therefore your energy levels,’ says
nutritionist and energy-management
expert Rosie Millen. ‘If you skip breakfast,
your blood glucose will drop, mounting
a stress response. So starting the day
right with a nutritious and balanced
breakfast is really important.’

Scrambled eggs with avocado
and spinach

Theessential fatty acids in avocado are
greatfor protecting your brain from
stress. Dark green leafy veg such
asspinach aid digestion when
you’re feeling tense and also
contain potassium to help
your heart function well
under pressure.
Eggs are packed with protein
that helps keep your blood
sugar levels stable through the
morning, preventing mood
swings and helping you stay
full until your next meal.
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