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 24 hrs

Mindfulexerciseis thelatestwayto boostyour
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WORDS: Sarah Sellens

he UK is on the brink
of a stress epidemic.
Reports reveal nearly
a quarter of us feel
overwhelmed by stress,
while further data shows 4.3 million
Brits are unhappy at work and cite
stress as the main contributing
factor. It’s not good news for your
physical health, as stress triggers
the release of ‘fight or flight’
hormone cortisol, which quickens
your breath and heart rate, raises
your blood pressure and even
tenses muscles. This is fine in the
short term, but long-term stress has
been linked to insomnia, weakened
immunity and an increased risk of
having a heart attack or depression.

Fortunately, there are many things you
can do to dial down stress, and mindful
movement is an increasingly popular way
to clear anxious thoughts. It’s easy to do

  • mindful movement refers to slower forms
    of exercise, such as walking, yoga, jogging
    or Pilates, which allow you to focus on
    your body, thoughts and surrounding
    environment. Science backs it as a great
    stress-reduction remedy, with one study
    from Penn State University in the US
    showing it could significantly decrease
    stress, anxiety and depression in as little
    as two weeks. It could be a boon for your
    fitness too, as data in the journal Medicine
    & Science in Sports & Exercise reports
    that being mindful encourages people
    to get moving more often. Follow our
    24-hour plan to reap the rewards.

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