(Jacob Rumans) #1
Don’t spend lunchtime hunched over your desk! Research
shows that only a third of UK workers take a proper break,
which is bad news for your mind and body. Having a bit of
time out gives your brain a chance to recharge, and could
help reverse the negative health effects of sitting all day
(prolonged sitting can cause blood to pool in your legs,
which raises the risk of some health conditions). You don’t
need to head outside if that’s not for you – researchers
found that going to the gym at lunchtime improved
workers’ productivity and ability to cope with stress.


Going through an ‘afternoon slump’?
Typically, cortisol levels are lower in
the afternoon, and this may leave
you feeling sleepy. However, high
stress levels can also wear you out.
Counteract this common problem by
doing a breathing exercise. ‘It’s the
quickest way to switch from the
sympathetic “fight or flight” to the
parasympathetic “rest and digest”
division of the nervous system,’
says Ralph. To feel less stressed, try
closing your eyes and placing a hand
on your tummy, then breathe in to
inflate the belly and breathe out as
slowly as you can. Do this 10 times.


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