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plant-based diet. But how has eliminating these sources of
protein affected my athleticism?
‘The truth is that I have never felt as good as I do now. My
cardiovascular fitness has improved – I can catch my breath
more easily between sprints and I am able to train for greater
periods of time. During training and after sessions, my
recovery rate is much faster than it previously was, and
I can work out again fairly quickly after a day’s training. I did,
however, find it difficult at first to get the right levels of protein
in my diet, so I started using Bio-Synergy’s plant-based protein
supplements (bio-synergy.uk) and consulting with a nutritionist
to gain an understanding of the right balance of macro and
micro-nutrients. Now, I can take full advantage of my training,
nutrition, and recovery!’

‘My cardiovascular fitness has
improved and I am able to train
for greater periods of time’



‘The science shows that a well-
planned vegan or vegetarian diet can
support an athlete to perform well
and that excluding animal products
from your diet does not put you at a
disadvantage. To say that meat-free
diets actually improve performance is
a little misleading though, especially
when we consider all of the research and
not just cherry-picked information. We have
good evidence a plant-based diet supports gut health and
protects against disease but, by definition, it doesn’t have to
be exclusively plant-based. It can include animal products, for
example dairy daily, and meat or fish once or twice a week.
‘It’s not necessarily the absence of meat that makes an
athlete perform better, but the inclusion of more fibre and
phytochemicals in the diet, such as polyphenols and
antioxidants which protect cells from damage. Looking after
our guts with diverse types of fibre and polyphenols allows
our bacteria to flourish. As these bacteria feed on these
substances we can’t digest, they produce short-chain fatty
acids, which help to control oxidative stress, protect our
immune function and lower inflammation in the body. These
are important considerations for an athlete whose muscles
need to recover. The key, however, is that overall their diet is
balanced and meets all of their nutritional requirements.’

‘Plant-based proteins

aren’t infer ior’

Not sure your plant-based diet is up to scratch?
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