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Volume 27, Number 3.
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VP Marketing &
Customer Intelligence
Vanda Provato

Jody Dunn

Art Directors
Karen Lim
Cathy Cicchini

Contributing Editor
Charlene Rooke

Publication Coordinators
Leslie Bolter
Margot Blais

Graphic Designers
Dominique Patafio
Pat Turbach

Production Coordinator
Judy Haverkort

Publication Assistant
Piper MacFadyen

Production Assistant
Everton Smith

Food Stylists
Eshun Mott
Christopher St. Onge
Prop Stylists
Christine Hanlon
Catherine MacFadyen
Andrea McCrindle
Shelly Shnier
Dré Dee, Marcella DiLonardo,
Chris Johns, Anna Kohn, Tara Luxmore,
Jennifer MacKenzie, Irene Matys,
Brenda Morrison, Eshun Mott,
Christine Sismondo, Christopher St. Onge,
Eric Vellend, Victoria Walsh
Wayne Leek
Advertising Sales
Kirby Miller, Beaches Media Services

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with big-batch recipes

Time to Celebrate
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to honour any occasion

Soda Shoppe
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Mint Conditions
From appetizers to dessert, mint
freshens everything up


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