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Good People, Good Planet,

Good Partnerships

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The incredible generosity of LCBO customers
set a new fundraising record in 2019 of more
than $12.7 million dollars. With Spirit of Sustain-
ability, charitable efforts will have an even big-
ger impact. We will be welcoming new charity
partners as we move to centre our fundraising
initiatives around four campaigns, Environmen-
tal Impact, Safe and Informed Consumption,
Support Local, and Community Well-being. We
will continue to provide customers with alterna-
tive ways of donating through in-store merchan-
dise and offering online giving on

Safe and informed consumption
To demonstrate our commitment to safe and
informed consumption, the LCBO created the
Responsible Service Program. Through this
program, we will amplify our work preventing
alcohol consumption amongst minors and those
who appear intoxicated, in order to build safer
communities for all Ontarians. The LCBO is
dedicated to increasing awareness of our Lab,
a product testing and innovation department.
This industry-leading facility conducts 630,
tests on more than 7,000 products each year in
order to ensure that everything we sell is safe.

Community impact

Spirit of Sustainability is made up of three key pillars to support building a more sustainable future.
Good People focuses on improving the well-being of our customers, employees and communities.
Good Planet aims to minimize our impact on the environment. Good Partnerships will improve the
sustainability of the industry through leadership.
With these three pillars, the LCBO has developed firm commitments that will ensure we deliver
on our promise to build a sustainable future.

Good People

  • Safe and informed consumption

  • Thriving communities

  • Engaged employees

Good Planet

  • Sustainable stores

  • Sustainable production and

  • Greener buildings


  • Leading sustainability

  • Support and recognize
    sustainable partners

It expanded its industry-
leading Lightweight Glass
program to include more
bottles sold at the LCBO.
This policy helps reduce our
carbon footprint through
more sustainable distribution.

Sometimes products get
damaged in transit. But
instead of throwing away
the entire pallet, undam-
aged goods are rescued and
repackaged in recyclable
4- and 6-packs, helping to
reduce waste.

As an official partner of Pride
Toronto 2019, the LCBO
created #ToastToPride, a cam-
paign to promote diversity
and inclusion and to fundraise
almost $1 million to support
equitable and compassionate
healthcare for marginalized


in Action

Spirit of Sustainability has
been in the works for a while.
Here are some examples:


To find out more about Spirit of Sustainability,
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