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These days body-
contouring devices don’t
just melt fat; they build
muscle. “Some of the lat-
est machines emit cur-
rents that travel through
the skin and fat to con-
tract your muscles in
ways that exercise can’t,”
says dermatologist
Dendy E. Engelman, M.D.
The latest is CoolTone
($500 per treatment),
a device that can treat
your abdomen, butt,
and thighs; expect
to undergo four sessions
within two weeks. New
body-care formulas can
help boost the results
of your procedure. Alastin
Skincare TransForm
Body Treatment
($195, alastin.com)
can accelerate
the body’s natural
fat-removal pro-
cess and support
new healthy col-
lagen production.



“We’re just starting to see
the impact that purified
LED devices have on
cosmetic and medical
treatments,” says der-
matologist Ellen Marmur,
M.D. Red LED light com-
municates with the fibro-
blasts in our skin cells
to tell them to increase
collagen production,
which makes skin firmer
over time, Dr. Marmur
says. It also decreases
inflammation, which can
help calm rosacea and
acne, and increases cir-
culation, which can bring
nutrients to the skin and
encourage hair growth.
Blue light zaps the
Propionibacterium acnes
bacteria on the skin that
can lead to pimples. And
purple light is a combi-
nation of the two. “These
LED wavelengths also
cause changes in the
skin’s proteins and met-
abolic activity, leading
to better appearance
of wrinkles, redness,
brown spots, and acne,”
Dr. Marmur says. “Just as
intriguing, the LED wave-
lengths work via the pho-
toreceptors in your eyes,
which can help improve
mood, sleep, and mem-
ory.” The MM Sphere 2.0
($795, mmskincare.com)
offers six wavelengths
and a new pulsating
setting that
simulates your
heart rate to
induce deeper



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