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GLCO AGS Lets you track global agriculture markets 19

BI AGRI Displays the Bloomberg Intelligence dashboard
for agriculture 19

AHOY USBOL Track bills of lading data for U.S. trade 26, 27

GPL Displays a logarithmic chart 28

TSIG Define and apply trading signals 28

DES View and create notes on a selected bond 30, 31, 32

NOTE Create and share notes with your team 31, 32

CMTY Define a community to automatically share notes 31

FIW Slice and dice lists of bonds. The Note Indicator
feature now lets you see when you have notes
on particular securities 31, 32, 34, 35, 36, 37

IN Displays Bloomberg FX Forward Indices 38, 39

CIXN Build a custom currency overlay strategy 38, 39

BTST Backtest and optimize an FX overlay strategy
using technical studies 39, 40, 41

ANR Displays analyst ratings and lets you set alerts
for changes 42, 43

MEMB View data on members of an equity index 42, 43

EE See detailed earnings data for a selected equity 42

MODL Provides model-level estimates 42

NI ANACHGBA Displays headlines of stories about changes
in analysts’ recommendations 42

NI NIC Shows headlines of new issue price analysis stories 44

GP Chart bid-ask spreads for U.S. Treasuries 46, 47


VRUS Coronavirus Market Impact is a new function that
provides the latest news, data, and analysis relating to
the Covid-19 outbreak. Go to {VRUS <GO>}. The top
section monitors companies that have been identified
by Bloomberg Intelligence analysts as particularly
affected by the spread of the virus. The Global Macro
Indicators | GMM section lets you see how key indexes
and assets have performed today and since the
beginning of the outbreak. Click on the Coronavirus
Outbreak | MAP VIRUS link for an interactive map.

TAG S The Tag Manager function enables you to organize
and manage the tag lists and custom tags you use in
Bloomberg. You can use your custom tag lists to
categorize your notes and Instant Bloomberg
discussions. Run {TAGS <GO>}. You can now specify
the order of your tags in a list so that your favorite tags
appear first in autocomplete.

MOSB The Most Active Traded Bonds function now includes a
column that highlights green investment opportunities
with a green leaf icon that flags green bonds. Go to
{MOSB <GO>}.

FAIR The Fair Value Monitor, which allows you to
calculate the fair value of a selected equity index
futures contract, has been enhanced to let you choose
the reference curve used to determine the funding rate.
Run {SPX Index FAIR <GO>}, click on the Calculator tab,
and use the drop-down menu to select a curve.

YT The Yield Table function has been enhanced to let you
compare a range of yields given a price using the
Bloomberg Agency MBS Index Prepayment Model on
scenarios for collateralized mortgage obligations.
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