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the week
Elbit Systems has
demonstrated round-the-
clock water bombing from
500ft – more than four
times higher than the
normal altitude. Its Hydrop
system dispenses 140g
(5oz) biodegradable pellets
filled with water, foam or
fire retardant, as tested
from fixed-wing aircraft and
a Sikorsky S-61 helicopter

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Elbit Systems

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This week, we ask: New Embraer turboprop?
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Last week, we asked: Who will take delivery crown in 2020?
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Latvian carrier Air Baltic’s traffic surged by more than one-fifth

in 2019 to a record 5.05m passengers, with nine routes added




The week in numbers

Years since Belgrade to Pristina flights ceased, now restored

via a deal to normalise relations between Kosovo and Serbia

Philippine Airlines has sourced a pair of new De Havilland

Canada Dash 8-400 twin-turboprops, via lessor TrueNoord

Air Baltic

Cirium Dashboard

Cirium Dashboard

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Boeing – via 737
Max backlog
109 votes

Airbus the clear winner
469 votes

Honours even
30 votes

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