The Communication Book by Mikael Krogerus

(Martin Jones) #1
message we can, for example, ask: how are women or people of colour
represented? What does the phrasing imply?

· WHICH?: by answering the ‘which channel’ question we make a

‘media-analysis’: why are they using this channel? How can they afford
it? Who paid for it?

· TO WHOM?: the ‘audience analysis’ can, for example, reveal

something about the aim of the sender: why are they talking specifically
to these people?

· WITH WHAT EFFECT?: with the ‘effect analysis’ we ask: how did the

audience react? What does this tell us about the sender?

Lasswell was concerned with the effects of mass media. But his message
also applies to interpersonal communication. His formula is a simple way
to sharpen your senses for propaganda. Wherever it’s coming from.

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