Cruelty and Vengeance

(Isra-이스라) #1

She looked at us with a look that means that you will regret
any wrong action, then she went out, heading towards the
women gathered next to the door of our house

I turned around and headed towards the stairs, my younger
sister Sierra came and took my phone from my hand and
started browsing I took it back and shouted at her, so my
brother got out of his room

He said while yelling at us... What is going on there? With his
headphones on

So I said to him while I was about to cry (as you know ... or
you don't know that I am very, very, very sensitive) your vile,
stupid and ass sister and ....... she started searching my phone
without my permission

He said as he descended the stairs...well then each one of you
goes to the kitchen and brings something in her hands, then we
will solve this problem..Okay..Continue while looking at us
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