Vogue US March2020

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The delicate skin around the eyes is typically one
of the fi rst areas to show signs of aging, but Swiss
luxury skincare brand La Prairie is fi ghting back with
the launch of its most powerful eye cream yet, White
Caviar Eye Extraordinaire. Heavily researched ingre-
dients including Golden Caviar Extract, the potent
illuminating molecule Lumidose, and their Exclusive
Cellular Complex combine to create a cutting-edge
cream that helps fi ght the chromatic disturbances of
this part of the face and restore fi rmness to the skin,
to reveal the extraordinary beauty of the eye.
“White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire is the first eye
cream designed to address all three elements
of the Equation of Light for the eye contour
area: color, refl ection, and shape—bringing an
extraordinary luminosity to the eye,” says La
Prairie Director of Innovation Daniel Strangl,
Ph.D. “This potent formula acts on the fi ve chro-
matic disturbances of the eye contour area
(gray, brown, yellow, red, and violet), improves
reflection by smoothing the skin surface and
densifying the dermal extracellular matrix
and optimizes shape by diminishing puffi ness
and under-eye bags as well as crow’s feet
and wrinkles.”
Lumidose, the brand’s patented miracle-worker
molecule, works to remove and block hyperpig-
mentation in the skin, while the Golden Caviar
Extract stimulates ceramide production by epi-
dermal cells and collagen production by dermal
cells, which helps to smooth the skin surface
and densify the dermal extracellular matrix,
therefore improving the refl ection of light
from the skin.

To celebrate the launch of this extraordinary product,
the luxury house commissioned renowned artist
Pablo Valbuena to create a unique light sculpture
inspired by the Shape of Light, the story behind
the brand’s White Caviar Collection. The immersive
installation, titled WAVE, was on display on Miami’s
storied beachfront to coincide with the 2019 edition
of Art Basel. The mesmerizing kinetic art piece told
the story of light dancing on an ocean wave, casting
the sea and landscapes in a new perspective and
lending itself perfectly to the collaboration with
La Prairie’s latest addition to the White Caviar Col-
lection. “We feel very strongly about sharing art in
order to elevate culture as a whole, a vision I know
we share with Pablo,” says Greg Prodromides, Chief
Marketing Officer of La Prairie. “For this edition,
we wanted to do something a little out of the ordi-
nary—something extraordinary.”
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