Theories of Personality 9th Edition

(やまだぃちぅ) #1

About the Authors

Jess Feist was Professor of Psychology at McNeese State
University in Lake Charles, Louisiana from 1964 until his
death in 2015. Besides coauthoring Theories of Personality,
he coauthored with Linda Brannon, Health Psychology: An
Introduction to Behavior and Health. He earned his under-
graduate degree from St. Mary of the Plains and graduate de-
grees from Wichita State University and the University of Kan-
sas. His research interest was in early childhood recollections.

Gregory J. Feist is a Professor of Psychology in the Department
of Psychology at San Jose State University. He has also taught at
the College of William & Mary and University of California,
Davis. He received his PhD in personality psychology in 1991
from the University of California at Berkeley and his under-
graduate degree in 1985 from the University of Massachusetts–
Amherst. He is widely published in the psychology of creativity,
the psychology of science, and the development of scientific tal-
ent. His recent book, The Psychology of Science and the Origins
of the Scientific Mind, was awarded the William James Book
Award from the American Psychological Association (APA). He
is founding president of the International Society for the Psy-
chology of Science & Technology and founding editor-in-chief
of the Journal of Psychology of Science & Technology. His re-
search in creativity has been recognized by an Early Career
Award from the Division for Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity
and the Arts (Division 10) of APA, and he is former president of
Division 10. Finally, he is co-author of Psychology: Perspectives
and Connections (McGraw-Hill) with Erika Rosenberg.

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