Historical Dictionary of Israeli Intelligence

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rate. On the eve of the 1973 Yom Kippur War, Bar-Lavi assessed cor-
rectly that King Hussein would stay out of it.
A well-known story is told about Bar-Lavi that reflects his fame as
an intelligence expert on Jordan. A few days before the start of the
Sinai Campaignin 1956, his colleagues saw him wandering miser-
ably about the corridors of Branch 3. “What’s wrong?” they asked
him. “Well,” he said, “for a few months now, the Jordanians have
been searching high and low for a case of ammunition they lost.” “So
what’s the problem?” they insisted. “The problem,” he replied, “is
that I know where the darn thing is but I’m not allowed to tell them.”
In 1974, Bar-Lavi left MI and moved to the Computer Department
of the Israel Defense Force.


BARNETT, RONALD.A British Jew, Ronnie Barnett worked for the
Mossad Le’Aliyah Beth, where his codename was “Boaz.” Barnett,
together with Reuven Shiloah, was asked by the Mossad Le’Aliyah
Beth in May 1951 to meet a representative of the Iraqi minister of the
interior in London and in Paris. They were then to deliver to the min-
ister bribes in the amount of £10,000 for releasing the Mossad
Le’Aliyah Beth’s agents Mordechai Ben-Poratand Yehuda Tajjar,
who had been arrested by Iraqi authorities for their activities in the il-
legal immigration of the Iraqi Jews to Israel.

BAR-SIMANTOV, YA’ACOV (?–1982).AMossadcase officer, Bar-
Simantov was shot to death on 3 April 1982 outside his home in Paris
by a group of Palestinian terrorists called the Lebanese Armed Rev-
olution. In response, the Israeli government led by Prime Minister
Menachem Begin considered launching the Pines Operation against
Palestinian terrorist bases in Lebanon. However, this operation was
not executed and instead, in June 1982, Israel initiated the Peace for
Galilee Operation.

BAR-TOV, DAVID.Bar-Tov replaced Yehuda Lapidotas director of
Nativin 1986 and was replaced in 1992 by Ya’acov Kedmi. He
served as director of Nativ when the mass Jewish immigration began
from the Soviet Union.


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