New Scientist 14Mar2020

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14 March 2020 | New Scientist | 3

45 Ten years to save the world The loss of coral reefs is distressing, but
the climate crisis is a chance to push for positive environmental change



12 News

“ I am face to face with a

freshly removed pig’s liver

sitting in a clear plastic tub”

On the

The fight against
9 Lessons from the latest data
8 Death rate recalculated
7 Italy in lockdown
8 The US failure to test
9 Africa’s missing cases
23 A time for caution, not panic

Vol 245 No 3273
Cover image: Thomas Rohlfs

34 Running vs walking
The surprising truth about
which is best for you

14 A tiny dinosaur trapped in amber 19 Space lettuce
31 The rise and rise of TikTok 15 How neutrinos ruled the early universe

This week’s issue




12 Slimming livers
Fatty organs made suitable
for transplants

14 Forest fears
Tropical forests may stop
absorbing carbon dioxide

20 Lack of evidence
Programmes to stop
prisoners reoffending
have little basis in science

23 Comment
Understanding uncertainty will
help us deal with the covid-
outbreak, says Rachel McCloy

24 The columnist
Annalee Newitz on
the fall of Twitter

26 Letters
Face recognition’s faults
will bring death from afar

28 Aperture
A giant, half-built ship

30 Culture
Risky Talk, a podcast sifting
the flaky from the factual

51 Science of cooking
Bring out the two sides of garlic

52 Puzzles
Quick crossword, a river
challenge and the quiz

53 Feedback
Thou shalt not troll and no
bad apples: the week in weird

54 Almost the last word
Squirrel antics and what
eats foxes: readers respond

56 The Q&A
Urbasi Sinha on quantum
physics in a cornfield

34 Running vs walking
Do we need to run to boost our
health or can we get enough
exercise with a brisk walk?

40 Number crunch
The race to make data-gobbling
devices sustainable

45 Ten years to save the world
Christiana Figueres and Tom
Rivett-Carnac give us reasons to
be optimistic on climate change

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